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Top Cycling Routes in Cornwall

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With the weather improving and the days growing longer, winter is (finally!) entering the rear-view mirror and with it, our winter laziness.


Spring and summer bring countless opportunities to get outside and get your heart pumping, but there’s one activity you shouldn’t pass up in 2018 – cycling.


Cornwall plays host to some of the UK's most beautiful and vibrant landscapes, making it the ideal location to explore whilst on two wheels, and with a strong cycling community in place you’ll never be short of a companion.


At Trago Mills, we’re proud to facilitate faster, safer cycling for people of all skill levels with our superb range of bicycles, equipment and accessories.


So, with a shiny new bike between your knees and the whole of Cornwall to explore, where do we think the best cycling routes are? Join us as we share a handful of our favourites.


The Clay Trails, St Austell


Take in the spectacular natural scenery near St Austell on the Clay Trails, which surround the historic Cornish town and its neighbouring villages.


The trails were opened in 2005 and have been expanded constantly since, offering unparalleled views over the dramatic scenery created by over 250 years of clay mining in the area. There are five pathways to take and, if you’re lucky, you might even see some deer grazing!


The Camel Trail, Padstow-Wadebridge-Wenfordbridge


Perhaps the most famous Cornish off-road trail, the Camel Trail compromises of three sections, Padstow to Wadebridge - 5.5 Miles (8.8Km), Wadebridge to Bodmin (Boscarne) - 5.75 Miles (9.25Km) and Bodmin to Wenfordbridge - 6.25 Miles (10.1 Km).


You can expect superb sights, but the real joy of the Camel Trail is the fact that it’s, effectively, flat. Running alongside a disused railway line, the Camel Trail’s terrain is simple enough that anyone can get to grips with it, making it utterly ideal for families or those who aren’t yet confident enough to tackle harder trails.


The Engine House Trail, Hayle


Cornwall has an extensive and important industrial heritage, so why not explore it from atop your bicycle? The Engine House Trail kicks off in Hayle (forgive the rhyme) before taking in the remains of old foundries, engine houses and more.


It’s a 24-mile route, so you’ll have to book the better part of a day to tackle it, but with so much to see along the way and countless places to rest your legs for a moment, you’ll find that it’s all worth it.


The Mineral Tramways


Mining in Cornwall may not be as prevalent as it once was, but the evidence of that proud history is all around us. So, what better way to honour that heritage than by riding the Mineral Tramways?


Taking in Cornwall’s central mining district, this 37.5-mile network of multi-activity trails offers a diverse and challenging ride to cyclists, one which often follows the tramway and railway routes used to transport vital and valuable ore and supplies to and from the dozens of tin and copper mines in the area.


There are six trails to choose from and with a mixture of flat and steep tracks, you’re certain to find something for your skill level. Just remember to wear a helmet!

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