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Fishing Essentials for 2020

0 Comments Fishing   (on 30-Jan-2018 03:45 AM)

Fishing! It’s not quite the nations pastime, but that just means there’s more waterside space for the rest of us. Combining sport and relaxation, it’s a wonderful hobby and one that’s possible all throughout the year if you’re willing to put up with a little inclement weather here and there.


With 2020 now upon us and a whole twelve months stretching out ahead, many of us are sketching out our plans to spend more time in the outdoors, being more active and enjoying this beautiful country of ours. For lots of us, that means picking up a rod and heading out to the nearest fishing spot.


For those of us just at the beginning of our fishing journey though, what do you actually need to get going? Here’s the fishing essentials for 2020.


A High-Quality Rod & Reel


Let’s get the biggest thing out of the way first – if you’re going fishing, you’re going to need a rod. At Trago Mills, we carry rods designed for a huge variety of purposes, from canals to oceans via rivers and lakes. Some rods come without a reel, although most ‘beginner’ rods include one as standard.


If the rod you buy doesn’t come with a reel, you’ll need to source one too. Our range of reels offers something for everyone, from the junior fisher to the experienced pro at a variety of price points. Your reel will help you pull anything you catch in, as well as stop them getting away. Of course, you’ll also need…




Fish won’t bite unless you make your hook attractive enough for them to approach, and you can’t achieve that without the right hooks, lures and other accessories.


Depending on the type of fish you’re hunting and the waters your fishing in, your requirements will be different, but as a rule we’d suggest every tackle box should contain:


  • An extra line
  • Extra hooks of various sizes
  • A bait catapult
  • Sinkers and bobbers
  • A fillet knife
  • Lures
  • Pliers (to remove hooks from fish)
  • A first aid kit, in case of emergencies
  • A net


You’ll also need to ensure that when you head out on your fishing trip that you take live bait with you. You can, of course, use lures if you prefer, but live bait is the traditional and, broadly speaking, more effective way to catch fish. Unfortunately, it’s just about the only thing you can’t get from Trago Mills!


The Right Clothing


Fishing can be a wet and cold business, so getting your clothing right is essential for your own comfort. On your legs, the Fladen Rescue Bib Brace waders can help you float should you lose your footing in water, whilst the Fladen Chest Waders can help you stay dry when you’re out in the water, catching fish in their own habitat.


Pair those with a warm, waterproof coat and you’re well on your way to staying comfortable and dry throughout your fishing journey.




As any fisherman will tell you, patience is your most useful tool when you’re fishing. Sadly, we’re fresh out of stock. Good luck, and happy fishing!

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