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How to Keep Fit When You’re Short on Time

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Keeping fit is tough at the best of times, but when we’re managing our fitness around work and family commitments, well, who could blame us when we let it slip just a little? 


Over time though, those pounds start to add back on and we lose the confidence that we so recently held, leading many of us to wonder what the best way to keep fit is when we’re short on time. 


Well, it might surprise you to hear that rather than needing to keep a costly gym membership, you can do a range of exercises within your home which will push your body to generate new muscle and, when paired with an effective diet, lead to weight loss. 


Here’s our favourite products for losing weight around the home, pulled from our fantastic fitness range. And with our prices, you’ll be saving pounds, whilst losing pounds!


Fitness-Mad Deluxe Doorway Gym Bar


Transform an interior door into a high-performance fitness station with the Fitness-Mad Deluxe Doorway Gym Bar. 


Fitting over any standard doorframe, the bar can be used for pulls ups, crunches, chin ups or moved to the bottom of the door for sit ups and a solid abdominal workout. By having the Deluxe Doorway Gym Bar installed in your home, you’ll always be close to a full workout, and it can even be stashed away whilst not in use. 


Put simply, it’s the ideal way to get a total upper body workout without breaking the bank, or demanding too much of your time. 


Fitness-Mad Duo Ab Wheel 

Looking for a flat, toned stomach and greater core strength? You could start a regime of press ups, sit ups and planks. Or, you could use the Fitness-Mad Duo Ab Wheel. 


Taking the form of a pair of handlebars on either side of a central wheel pairing, it’s a surprisingly tough core exercise. To use it, you simply find a flat floor, lie down, grab the handles, lift your body and roll the wheel back and forth, from your lower chest outwards. It’s a surprisingly tough workout, and really blasts those abs and chest. 


Fitness-Mad PVC Medicine Ball

A classic that’s still pulling its weight (ahem), medicine balls are impressively versatile and the Fitness-Mad PVC Medicine Ball is a great update. Excellent for upper body workouts that strengthen your shoulders, back and arms, their smooth round design makes them easy to handle. Bouncing them gently against a wall above your head before catching them is an excellent exercise that requires little space and works up a sweat in minutes.


Medicine balls also work incredibly well when paired with a Swiss Ball, which is the perfect way to upgrade your workout and target the midsection


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