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Art & Craft

Why Our Falmouth Store is Great for Art Supplies
0 Comments Art & Craft   (on 19-Feb-2018 04:30 AM)
Our smallest store is nestled in the Falmouth city centre, a bustling Cornish City that has a creative population. Falmouth university specialises in arts degrees and we see many students coming in, day after day, to enjoy our affordable art supplies. Because nothing encourages you to be experimental like knowing your supplies won’t cost you the Earth! ...

The Posca Paint Pen - A New Essential for Daily Crafters
0 Comments Art & Craft   (on 17-Jan-2018 03:56 AM)
Working outside the lines is something Trago will always subscribe to, and Posca Paint Pens can move any creative crafter outside the confines of lines (and even paper!) into a whole new realm. These fabulous pens have quickly become one of the best-selling craft items in the UK…and here’s why! ...

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