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How to Sew with laminate Fabric and Top Projects to Try!

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When a fabric is laminated, one side is coated in water-resistant vinyl on one side with a cotton backing. It’s a favourite for using as tablecloths and aprons and we have a huge range of beautiful designs to choose from at Trago Mills.

Sewing with Laminate Fabric


Using this fabric can intimidate those who are new to it but here are some simple tips and instructions to help you avoid disaster!


Avoid pinning - Unlike other fabrics, pinning laminate will leave small but visible holes. If you want to hold pieces together or attach a pattern, paperclips, tape, hair grips or bulldog clips can do the job without damaging your material.  


Iron non-laminate side ONLY - It’s easy to slip up but nothing will ruin the beautiful pattern on your laminate fabric quite as quickly as ironing the vinyl side. Not only will the fabric melt but it could also end up causing serious damage to your iron!


Don’t worry about seams - Because of its laminate side, this type of fabric doesn’t fray, leaving you to worry less about your edges!


Careful with the machine! - Because the laminate side of this fabric can stick, it’s recommended you use the cotton side up in your sewing machine as much as possible. If you have to sew the wrong way up, you can use masking tape or even tissue powder to help the work go smoothly!


Choose the right thread - Whilst you can use any thread with laminate fabric, if you’re looking to create a project that takes advantage of the water resistant properties of the material then it is perhaps better to use a polyester thread that will also repel water.

Suggested Projects


Table Cloth - The easiest way to use laminate fabric! You can cut yourself an attractive runner, a diamond shaped cloth that will drape beautifully over the side or simply get yourself a bolt that will make any dinner table quick and easy to wipe clean!


Laminated Bib - A simple pattern and some bias binding can help you make bright, colourful and easy to wipe clean bib. Here's some inspiration to get your started!


A Hardy Zip-up Pencil Case - If you’re familiar with how to put in a zip then a really simple beginner project with laminate fabric can be the perfect place to keep your pens, with the added benefit that the fabric will hold up well and the gorgeous patterns that are available! Here's a template for a simple zipper purse by Sachiko Aldous!



A Great Looking Food Bag - Another project that takes advantage of the wipe-down quality of the fabric, this project is quick and easy to make and gives you something totally unique that won't get mixed up with your co-workers lunches! Tutorial here!


Handmade food bag

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