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The Posca Paint Pen - A New Essential for Daily Crafters

0 Comments Art & Craft   (on 17-Jan-2018 03:56 AM)

Working outside the lines is something Trago will always subscribe to, and Posca Paint Pens can move any creative crafter outside the confines of lines (and even paper!) into a whole new realm. These fabulous pens have quickly become one of the best-selling craft items in the UK…and here’s why!


What Will You Use Your Posca To Create?


The porous nib and thick water based paint means that there are few pens as versatile as the Posca. Want to colour in some paper or card? Great results with luscious colours that can be blended with a little water. Want to jazz up some furniture? Posca pens work well on wood and are one of the few marker pens that are vibrant enough to give a bold result even on darker surfaces. And Posca pens not only write on glass and windows, their water based paint means that they can be wiped away for a whole new creative experiment tomorrow! They are also fantastic for ceramics and if you want to make your art permanent, on a special mug or bowl, you can pop it in the oven at 160 degrees to create something you'll enjoy forever.


And this is by no means an exhaustive list, the only limit to Posca pens is what you want to try them on next.


Choosing Your Pen and Getting Started


Posca paint pens come in a range of sizes, from their Extra Fine (which has a 0.7mm nib) to their chunky Large nib (4.5-5.5mm in diameter) so there are many options, whether you need something for large projects or more detailed work. Their broad stroke pen boasts an 8mm angled nib that is excellent for letter work on larger projects like posters. Finishing the full Trago range is the brush maker, featuring a delicate tip that is beautiful for script work and producing incredibly intricate designs.


And Trago stocks a range of colours for you to enjoy, including special metallic and fluorescent colours that will be especially delightful to children and crafters looking to make something eye catching. The larger sets will also allow you to really flex those creative muscles when working on card, canvas or paper, with water blending offering as many colours as you can conceive.


When unboxing your beautiful new paint pens, you will need to allow for the paint to be absorbed in the nib before getting started. Shake the marker vigorously (with the cap still on!) and then press the tip down several times on a test sheet. Gently use the pen until the whole nib is coated and the paint starts to flow freely.


Amazing Freedom and Incredible Fun!


Whether you're a rampant doodler or able to paint a beautiful canvas, Posca markers are a versatile tool that you'll want to add to your kit. Make a mistake? Simply wait for the layer to dry in a few seconds, then add another correcting layer right over the top!


So, what would you do with a Posca pen of your very own? Give some ratty jeans a makeover? Pick up a beach pebble and give it a funny face? Decorate your phone case with something eye-catching?


Check out our range today, all at Trago-low prices!

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