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Why Our Falmouth Store is Great for Art Supplies

0 Comments Art & Craft   (on 19-Feb-2018 04:30 AM)

Our smallest store is nestled in the Falmouth city centre, a bustling Cornish City that has a creative population. Falmouth university specialises in arts degrees and we see many students coming in, day after day, to enjoy our affordable art supplies. Because nothing encourages you to be experimental like knowing your supplies won’t cost you the Earth!


Get Your Hands Covered in Colours!


Trago covers a massive range of art supplies in all of our stores, suitable for professionals, students and hobbyists alike. This includes affordable easels, canvases, sketchbooks and complete painting sets at affordable prices. Not to mention our recent blog post about our brand new Posca pens.


What you wish to create is only limited by what you want to try your hand at, so what can you get messy with at Trago?




Creating beautiful art in a whole host of colours is easy when you have a good range of pencils. And you have even more choice than you might expect, as Trago carries Derwent watercolour pencils, pastel pencils and their new Inktense pencils, which offer an intense colour experience, as well as traditional artists pencils.


But – if colours aren’t your thing – then we also offer graphite and charcoal pencils that are perfect for sketching.




For graphic designers and doodlers alike, a smooth fine line pen creates an excellent high contrast effect. We have a range of line painter sets from Graphik, in a range of colours that work well together. Just pick the palette that works best for you!




Fimo Clay is a popular choice for creating beautiful models and for jewellery making. It’s easy to manipulate into shape (just like adult play dough!) then you can pop them in the oven at 265 degrees for 15 minutes per 6mm of thickness and it’ll stay in place forever. No shrinking either for you to have to account for.  


We also carry a range of decopage paper and fun shapes for you and your family to cover, plus their essential glossy glue for you to get the best finish!


You Don’t Need to be an Artist to Make Art


You don’t have to be Monet or Rembrandt to make art that you’ll want to treasure. We stumbled upon an excellent rainy day project from the blog “Joharo At Home” using supplies bought from her local Trago: Splatter art!


All you need is a large canvas (the larger the better so you can really make some big patterns), some brushes, acrylic paint and some sparkly glitter to finish.


Before you start, make sure that you lay out plenty of newspaper (maybe even a tarp!). This process will get very messy, which is part of the fun!


Sponge the background with two or three colours, blending them together. Then you can start loading up your brushes to flick some bright and bold colours across the canvas. Once you’re happy with the lines, you can then finish the piece with embellishments. Finger prints, stamps, even inking lines on top of your splatters can make for a truly unique piece. And don’t forget to finish with some glitter if you’re after a bit of sparkle!


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