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Grouting Fundamentals
0 Comments Home   (on 18-Apr-2018 01:54 AM)
At Trago Mills, we’ve sold enough kitchen and bathroom tiling supplies to know how important your tiles are to you, but we also know just how much of a headache re-grouting tiles can be. So here's our list of grouting fundamentals for anyone looking to do some essential DIY. ...

DIY Hacks for Any Home
0 Comments Home   (on 28-Jan-2018 09:38 AM)
Keep your decor and furniture fresh with this range of home hacks! ...

Trago’s Space-Saving Home Tips
0 Comments Home   (on 26-Jan-2018 11:58 AM)
Declutter when you're doing a spring clean when you have the right space saving furniture for the job. Storage boxes and other solutions look great and make life easier! ...

The Five Power Tools You Need in Your Life
0 Comments Home   (on 25-Jan-2018 03:50 AM)
Power tools! They make us feel, well, powerful – giving us the ability to tear down walls, slice effortlessly through slabs of wood and drill holes through masonry as though it was a knife through butter. More than that though, they’re the essential element which helps us get jobs done infinitely faster than if we were using our brawn alone. ...

Tips for Making your Home Cosy for the Colder Months
0 Comments Home   (on 30-Nov-2019 10:38 AM)
Here at Trago, we love the winter – but not when it makes its way into our homes. That’s why we’ve put together these tips for making your home delightfully cosy, even when the weather turns nasty. ...

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