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The Five Power Tools You Need in Your Life

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Power tools! They make us feel, well, powerful – giving us the ability to tear down walls, slice effortlessly through slabs of wood and drill holes through masonry as though it was a knife through butter. More than that though, they’re the essential element which helps us get jobs done infinitely faster than if we were using our brawn alone.


If you’re just starting out on the road to DIY nirvana, however, you might be stuck as to which power tools you actually need. Do you really need a jigsaw? Is a hammer drill too much? In this guide, we’re going to share with you the five power tools that everyone needs in their life, starting with…


  1. Electric Screwdriver


An electric screwdriver is a must for any home. Why? Well, who amongst us enjoys tightening screws using a manual screwdriver? It’s slow, awkward and can put immense strain on your hands and wrists. Almost every DIY job you’ll undertake in your home will make use of an electric screwdriver at some point, even if you’re just assembling furniture. As such, we’d always recommend investing in a model.


  1. Cordless drill


Often considered the most essential of the essential power tools, a cordless drill is going to be in almost constant usage during a DIY project. Whether you’re drilling pilot holes for screws, holes in plaster for paintings or driving lag bolts, you need a cordless drill.


It’s an area where we’d recommend spending just a little more in order to get the reliability and quality you demand. You’ll thank us when you’re not rushing to the shop to buy a replacement halfway through your job.


  1. Belt sander


Get those rough edges smoothed out with a belt sander. You’ll find yourself using a belt sander for all kinds of jobs, from smoothing out rough plaster work to bringing old wooden doors and metal back to life. Look for models with removable dust-bags if you’re interested in keeping your house clean and consider investing in a detail sander for dealing with smaller areas.


  1. Reciprocating Saw


A good reciprocating saw is the backbone of a respectable tool box and is the ideal replacement for a hand saw. These power tools effortlessly slice through anything from planks of wood to pipes, provided you’re using the correct blades, and can save you hours of hard labour.


Both corded and cordless models are available, but whilst cordless models are more versatile, they’re typically less powerful than their corded cousins, so choose carefully.


  1. Nail Gun


Take the hard work out of having to hammer in nails by hand and benefit from the increased accuracy and speed of a nail gun. Nail guns can deliver nails much faster than you ever could with just a hammer and create an effortless finish that simply can’t be achieved otherwise. They’re ideal for awkward jobs like affixing skirting boards around your living room, or assembling the frame of your garden decking.

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