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Trago’s Space-Saving Home Tips

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When it comes to our homes, there’s nothing which pleases us more than a clean and tidy space. However, life has a funny habit of making us accumulate endless trinkets and objects, all of which can clutter up our homes and leave us feeling, well, more than a little cramped.


It’s a situation that everyone deals with from time to time and whether it’s your DVD collection or winter jumpers, the need for space saving solutions is a real one.


At Trago, we help declutter and organise homes across the country with our innovative solutions. So, what do we recommend? Here’s some of our thoughts:


  1. Expand your storage smartly


Anyone can invest in more storage to declutter their home, but if you don’t do it cleverly, you could be left feeling disappointed.


That’s why we recommend in investing in furniture which can not only yield less clutter and more space, but also enhance a room. Items of furniture like our range of ottomans offer not only a space for you to store your clutter, they’re also a handsome accompaniment to any room, bringing style and quality to a space.


Some models, like our leather ottomans, can even be used as spare comfortable seating, making them a smarter choice for expanding your storage options.


  1. Pack away your out-of-season clothing


It’s a simple tip, but an extremely useful one – when you’re not wearing certain items of clothing, put them away.


Whether it’s big winter coats in the middle of summer or the shortest shorts in the grip of winter, if they aren’t going to be used any time soon, you might as well put them into storage. The ultimate space saving technique is vacuum packing, which allows you to store clothing in a fraction of the space they’d usually take up and makes it possible to store them in unusual spaces like a loft. 


By moving your out-of-season clothing into storage, you’ll create oodles more space in bedrooms and in hallways, where we often hang coats. One option for the unused clothing is to purchase vacuum storage bags, which let you compress your items of clothing dramatically. Another is to invest in plastic storage boxes.


These plastic boxes are easily stacked and can prove vital in helping to keep your unused clothes clean, dry and fresh for when you revisit them later.


  1. Use storage to divide spaces


We’re so used to shoving storage against a wall that often, we forget that storage itself can be the wall. With so many of us now having open plan combined kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms, it makes perfect sense to strategically use storage as a way to break up large rooms and introduce cosiness back to a space.


We have a range of tall storage items, like the Desser Tall Multicoloured Unit, that allows for sorting your items in a fun way. Ideal for toys, we also stock a range of colourful storage options in our Children’s furniture section.  

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