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The Essential Tools for Confident DIY

0 Comments DIY   (on 16-Mar-2018 09:19 AM)

We’ve all been guilty of committing daft DIY errors in the past, whether it’s being forced to chew on a torch as we work with both hands in the dark or resort to using random household objects to measure something.


It’d be funny if only it weren’t so frustrating, but there is a way to avoid those mishaps – simply by investing in those little bits of DIY equipment which we often forget.


It’s why at Trago Mills, we stock all those little tools you need to work smarter and with the confidence that whatever DIY task you’re embarking on, you’re ready to get the job done correctly.


But what do we recommend? Read on.


6 Piece Measuring Tool Kit


There’s nothing more frustrating than getting down to tackle some DIY, only to discover that you’re missing those essential measuring tools. We’re talking about tape measures, spirit levels and carpenters’ pencils – vital tools whether you’re building a bench or just putting up some new shelving in the kitchen.


It’s why we stock the 6 Piece Measuring Tool Kit from Rolson, which compromises of a 60cm ribbed spirit level with three vials for horizontal and vertical alignment, a 3.5m tape measure with 16mm width and a belt clip on the back and a 23cm magnetic spirit level with 3 vials. Oh, and did we mention it comes with 3 carpenters’ pencils too? For just over £5, the 6 Piece Measuring Tool Kit is an essential buy and a vital part of any toolbox.


3 Piece Head Torch Set


Sometimes we don’t get to choose whether our DIY takes place during the day or the night, and when we’re forced out of bed to make those emergency repairs, you need a bright, reliable light that’ll leave your hands free.


It’s why we recommend the 3 Piece Head Torch Kit. Manufactured by Rolson, these three head-mounted torches pack 10 LEDs each and feature pivoting heads, so you can angle your light where you aren’t directly looking. Long lasting and super-bright, they enable you and two others to venture out work safely even in the dark.


58pc Screwdriver & Bit Set


We’re willing to bet that you’ve lost count of the number of times you’ve gone to complete a job, only to find that you’re lacking the right screwdriver head.


It’s an issue that we’ve all bumped up against, but with the 58pc screwdriver and bit set at Trago, you never need to struggle with it again. With 7 slotted bits, 7 hex bits, 14 pozidriv bits, 7 star bits, 7 metric sockets and 7 imperial sockets alongside a 200mm long flexi extension, of course, a high-quality 3-way ergonomic ratchet handle, it has everything you need to complete the task at hand.


Discover our full range of DIY tools either in-store at our Liskeard, Falmouth or Newton Abbot stores or visit us online – we’ll get you working smarter.

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