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Types of Ladder Explained

0 Comments DIY   (on 25-May-2018 09:25 AM)

The human race might keep on getting taller, but that doesn’t mean that we’ve got this whole ‘reaching high objects’ lark covered just yet. In fact, there are countless occasions in our daily life where we need to safely and securely get a vantage point.


Whether we’re climbing into our loft, clearing out the gutters, painting a tough-to-reach spot or even saving a local kitten from a tree (you hero, you), ladders provide an essential helping hand. The only trouble is which ladder you should be using isn’t always clear. With so many types of ladders on the market, what should you be looking for?


Here are the types of ladders – explained.


Loft Ladder


Clues can be drawn from the name and, as you might expect, a loft ladder is a ladder designed specifically for your loft. But what features does it have that make it suitable for that job?


Well, loft ladders are designed to fold up neatly and push upwards into your loft when not in use. When you want to use the ladder, you simply open the hatch to your loft and unfurl the ladder, which provides a stable way into your loft.


As a result, they’re not suitable for any other purpose than loft access.


Extension Ladder


Perhaps the most common type of ladder available, an extension ladder can be extended quickly and easily to reach various heights in comfort and safety.


Extension ladders, however, are reliant on you finding safe footing at the bottom and having something secure to lean the ladder against. Nevertheless, they’re an ideal all-purpose indoor and outdoor ladder for most purposes and can be augmented with ladder roof hooks to make working on roofing safer, too.


Step Ladders


Step ladders come in a huge variety of styles and heights, but what unites them is the fact that they are completely freestanding, thanks to a set of rear legs which mean they can be situated anywhere, regardless of supporting structures.


Additionally, step ladders like the Arrow 5 Tread Aluminium Step Ladder feature a small platform at the top rung for greater stability when working at the top of the ladder. Of course, you’ll still need to ensure that you place the step ladder on firm footing, but step ladders offer a useful addition to any home.


Telescopic Ladders


Telescopic ladders are perhaps a lesser seen ladder in the UK, but you can still find them around. These ladders are made from individual rungs which can be extended out and locked in to place at any time.


In effect, this ensures that a telescopic ladder can be virtually any height you require it to be (up to the limits of the ladder), for greater convenience. Telescopic ladders are often used around the home and by DIY enthusiasts, although professionals typically prefer the sturdier extension ladders.


And there we have it! You’re now au fait with every type of ladder going, ready to get out there and reach the dizzying heights of your roofline in total safety.

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