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Looking After Garden Furniture in the Cold and Wet
0 Comments Gardens   (2 weeks ago)
Give your garden furniture a longer life with these maintenance tips, fresh from Trago. A stitch in time saves nine, so make sure you're taking care of your garden decor before problems arise. ...

Top Garden Gadgets
0 Comments Gardens   (on 19-Jan-2018 05:21 AM)
At Trago Mills, we’re proud to supply a comprehensive range of garden essentials to our valued customers in Liskeard, Falmouth, Newton Abbot and surrounding areas, but what are some of these top garden gadgets? Join us as we share a few of our favourites. ...

Bulb Planting for Spring – Why? When? How?
0 Comments Gardens   (on 10-Jan-2018 04:34 AM)
Planning ahead for a new year of Spring planting is essential, here's an overview on the ins and outs of what we'd recomend! ...

Essential Winter Gardening Tips
0 Comments Gardens   (on 11-Dec-2017 09:41 AM)
Have a look at Trago's tips for what you should be doing with your garden during the winter months. All the advice you need to keep your garden healthy, ready for the coming Spring! ...

How to Encourage Wild Birds into your Garden
0 Comments Wildlife   (on 28-Nov-2017 02:18 AM)
The UK has a wealth of beautiful birds and you can host many in your own garden. With these helpful tips - and some of our favourite garden prodcuts - you can encourage feeding and nesting, whether you live in a city or out in the country. ...

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