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Bulb Planting for Spring – Why? When? How?

0 Comments Gardens   (on 10-Jan-2018 04:34 AM)

To plant or not to plant? That is the question. At least it is for the millions of keen amateur gardeners across the country, who only know one thing for certain – planning ahead is essential.


That’s never truer than when we’re talking about bulb planting for spring. It’s an important job, but one which can easily become confusing if you follow the wrong advice.


At Trago Mills, we have a huge range of garden supplies, from tools to decorations, via sheds, ponds and more to keen gardeners across the country. In fact, we’ve got more than a few of those working for us in store, too.


That’s why we’ve decided to put together this guide on the why, when and how of bulb planting for spring. Let’s get started.


Why plant bulbs for spring?


Spring bulbs are a beautiful reminder that we’ve moved out of the harsh conditions of winter and that soon, if we just wait a little bit, we’ll once again be in the throes of summer. Once planted, they require little attention for the rest of the year and create a beautiful display when they shoot up out of the ground.


When do you plant bulbs for spring?


If you want to fill your garden with colour next spring, the time to be planting your bulbs is from October to December. The timing of this is down to you, but in October and November you’re more likely to find that the ground is soft and amenable to planting.


How do you plant bulbs?


Bulbs are one of the easiest types of plant to grow, requiring little by way of attention. They can be planted in herbaceous borders to fill out the gaps before perennials and shrubs begin to grow, they can be planted in grass, to add some pastoral charm to a garden, or they can even be planted in pots.


Wherever you plant your bulbs, make sure that the soil is well draining and will receive plenty of sunshine. You’ll want to ensure that you plant your bulbs two to three times their height deep and around two bulb widths apart.


You also need to make sure that your bulb is planted with its top facing upwards towards the sky, but if you’re unsure which way is up, put the bulb on its side.


For those planting their bulbs in pots, ensure that the compost is kept moist and protected from frost by wrapping the pot in bubble wrap over winter and placing some chicken wire over the top to prevent wild animals from digging them out. 

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