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Essential Winter Gardening Tips

0 Comments Gardens   (on 21-Jan-2020 09:41 AM)

As the temperature plummets and the days get ever shorter, it can be a tough time for our gardens and gardeners alike.
However, whilst the conditions might not be what they once were and planting conditions less than ideal, there’s still plenty to be doing out in the garden over winter to ensure that by the time spring rolls around, you’re ready for another incredible year tending to the earth. Here’s our essential Winter gardening tips:
  1. Check your outbuildings – Our outbuildings take a battering throughout the year, but it’s nothing compared to what they’ll endure in winter conditions. Sheds are particularly susceptible to rot if they’re not properly cared for, so check your structures are sound before the winter kicks in. If your shed isn’t fit for another year, invest in one of our superb sheds
  2. Plant root vegetables – Planting? In Winter? No, we’re not going mad, because root vegetables like carrots and parsnips will happily grow throughout the winter, provided you cover them in 15cm of leaves or straw. Even an old piece of carpet will do!
  3. Start a composting bin – Winter is the ideal time to really start harvesting for a compost bin thanks to the huge number of dead plants, leaves and more. Keep on top of it and by the time summer rolls around, you’ll have a stock of compost ready to transform your garden.
  4. Feed the local wildlife – Your garden is more than just pretty, it’s a vital part of the local ecosystem, playing host to countless creatures throughout the year. That doesn’t change through winter, and by feeding local birds, frogs and hedgehogs, you’ll reap the rewards down the line.
  5. Do some planting – If the soil is still soft, consider planning bare-rooted shrubs and roses. The soil conditions will encourage new rooting and you can even dig up and re-plant overgrown or badly located woody plants if they need moving. It’s also an ideal time to plant a new hedge 
  6. Protect your garden – Plants that thrive in warmer conditions don’t take well to winter weather, so protect your garden. Wrap the pots your permanent potted plants in bubble wrap or hessian to keep the roots from frost damage, remove pumps and lights from ponds and cover your outside tap with a winter cover to prevent it freezing over. 
At Trago, we supply a wide variety of gardening products, ideal for Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn! Check out our full range today and start getting the most out of your garden, no matter the size. 
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