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Hedge Maintenance: Do’s and Don’ts

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The Great British Garden is a thing to behold. Lovingly tended to throughout the year, they stand as the ultimate reflection of our personality to the outside world – a living work of art that grows with each of us.


From potted plants to planting trees and from grass maintenance to garden sheds, there are hundreds of little things we all do to keep our gardens looking their very best.


Here at Trago Mills, we’ve been helping the keen gardeners of the South West for over 40 years bring their vision to life, and we’re proud to continue that tradition today with amazing garden machinery

products and terrific in-store advice.


One question we’re often asked though is what the best way to maintain your hedges is. Do they require watering? When are you meant to trim them?


Join us as we answer those questions and more in our Do’s and Don’ts.



  • Trim 3 times a year. Whether you’re trimming your hedges yourself or paying a professional to do it, regular hedge maintenance should go on around 3 times a year. However, formative hedges only require a trim once a year for the first two years.
  • Water your hedges during hot weather. Just because they aren’t as delicate as some of your other plants, it doesn’t mean they don’t require water too. Make sure you take the time to feed your hedges too, watering their bases.
  • Shape your hedge correctly. When most of us think of hedges, we think of perfectly rectangular blocks of knotty green leaves, but that’s far from the ideal shape for a healthy hedge. Instead, you should taper your hedge with top thinner than the base. This will ensure that the bottom of the hedge will see sunshine.
  • Take safety precautions. When trimming your hedge, make sure you take safety precautions. A quality 3 step ladder will give you the height and stability required to cut your hedges safely. Goggles and gloves are also strongly recommended.
  • Use the right equipment. The wrong equipment can seriously hamper your trimming, which is why we recommend the 43cm 18V 2.0Ah Lithium-Ion Pole Hedge Trimmer. With a reach of 3.5m and an adjustable head for perfectly flat tops, it’s a superb battery powered trimmer. For those who prefer petrol power, however, the Webb 26cc Petrol Hedge Cutter makes for a powerful option.
  • Prune. Whether you’re trimming with an electric or petrol trimmer, you still need to take an individual approach from time to time with a pair of pruners. Regularly take off bud tips to encourage new growth and keep your hedge looking neat.


  • Be afraid to trim heavily. Even the fastest growing hedges never need to be more than 60cm deep, so don’t be afraid to cut your hedges back significantly if you’re worried about too much space being taken up. Cutting back will also encourage new leaf growth thanks to the increased light.
  • Trim freehand. For a perfectly squared off finish, don’t attempt a freehand trim. Instead, make use of poles and twine to create guidelines which you can quickly and easily follow to get a perfectly even finish.
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