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Looking After Garden Furniture in the Cold and Wet

0 Comments Gardens   (on 09-Feb-2018 02:13 AM)

During the balmy, sunny days of spring and summer you’ll be using your garden furniture almost every day – entertaining, dining and sharing with those we care about.


Whilst it’s true that we Brits love our outdoor furniture, there’s no denying that we’re often guilty of neglecting winter maintenance. So much so that when the summer rolls around again, many of us are out to replace discoloured, warped, rusted or even rotting garden furniture.


That’s why looking after your garden furniture through the cold weather months is so important. Thankfully though, effective garden furniture maintenance doesn’t need to be complicated. Here’s how anyone can keep their garden furniture in tip top condition:


Clean your Furniture


Stiff Bristle BrushWe’ll start with, perhaps, a quite obvious point: the key to ensuring that your furniture survives the cold and wet weather is to give it a serious clean before the weather hits.


Wash your furniture using soapy water and a brush which is stiff, but not too stiff, like the 11” Deluxe Varnished Stuff PVC Hand Brush. This will remove all the dirt particles, moss and other unwanted elements from your furniture, which will, in turn, help to prevent the issues listed above, like rotting.


Why? Well dirt holds more moisture than something that’s clean. Additionally, your newly cleaned furniture will be ready for prime time when the weather picks up again. Perfect!


Invest in Covers


Wet and cold weather can have a dramatic impact on all kinds of furniture, from distorting and rotting wood to rusting and flaking paint on metal furniture. It’s why we always recommend our customers make use of their included wet-weather furniture covers, or invest in new tarpaulins.


Doing so will ensure that your furniture will be protected from the majority of the moisture around and will keep your furniture clean in the process. When the spring comes around again, simply whip off the tarpaulins and enjoy your furniture again. Do, however, ensure that your furniture is bone dry before you place a cover over it, as doing so can lead to moisture locking in and causing rot.


Store What You Can Indoors


Certain types of garden furniture like wicker are more susceptible to moisture damage than others and, if possible, you should move them indoors during periods of inclement weather. 


Whilst wicker furniture is most susceptible to wet weather struggles, it remains good advice to move all your furniture inside if you have the chance. By doing so you’ll ensure complete protection throughout the winter. You weren’t using that garage space anyway, were you?


Apply Fresh Oil


If you’re dealing with wooden furniture, it can be a good idea to administer an annual dosage of Ronseal Teak Oil.


Following your washing of the wood, lightly sand down the visible wood before applying the teak oil with a new, clean brush – ensuring that you oil all the way to the base of the legs so as to protect from water damage. By keeping up to this yearly regime you’ll find your furniture stays as beautiful as when you first bought it.

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