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Patio Furniture – Fun in the Sun at Trago

0 Comments Gardens   (on 09-May-2018 03:16 AM)

I don't know about you, but the recent bank holiday weekend was glorious down here in the South West! And you know what made this blogger's bank holiday all the better? Treating myself in my back garden under the shade of my lovely wooden garden set, bought at a great price from Trago Mills!


So, if your garden is looking bare or you've found yourself wishing for a simple way to move a gathering to the garden, Trago is a great option for choosing the perfect garden furniture set. We've been stocking a huge range of items for years, with ranges that will suit any budget or taste!


Choosing the Right Garden Set For You


There are several important factors when deciding what kind of garden set you want. For smaller gardens or yards, it's obviously essential to consider how big you can realistically go. Getting a smaller set doesn't mean that you're losing out, you can grab a SupaGarden stacking bistro set that is simple to store away and comes in a range of colours to pick from for only £39.99.


And if you don't have the pace for a complete set, we even have lovely classic benches and lover's seats that can fit in the tiniest garden spaces. The Pagoda two-seater bench is an attractive metal option with a beautiful overhead arch for under £100, showing that a lovely piece of garden furniture doesn't need to be overbearing to give you a spot in your garden to relax.


That said, you don't need to worry about prohibitively expensive garden sets when you shop at Trago Mills. The gorgeous Mission Ridge sofa set is perfect for creating the perfect lounge space in your garden for just under £600 or the fabulous six seater Majestique 6 seater dining set, which comes with a crank parasol included for an impressive £399.99 . With prices like that, you can get the ideal set that will take pride of place as your gardens centre piece.


As you can see, we also carry a wide range of materials, from traditional hardwood to modern metal and plastic varieties to get the perfect look for your décor. Not only that, we also carry stylish rattan furniture that will surely turn heads when friends come to visit. All in different sizes to suit any garden and at a price you can afford, there's a reason why people love to shop at Trago!


The Importance of Maintenance


Once you have a delightful piece of garden furniture, it's very important to consider how you'll take care of it so you'll get the opportunity to enjoy it year after year. For wooden furniture, we have a whole array of teak oil and varnishes designed especially for outdoor items that not only keep them weather resistant, they can also give them a deep and rich colour to perfectly suit your garden.


For metal items, you can give them a quick wash when needed with a mild soap or washing up liquid. When not in use, it's highly recommended that you cover them with a tarp so they can be protected against the elements. If rust does start to form, a stitch in time saves nine so give them a good scrub with a wire brush. Finally, if you're really concerned about rust, you can also purchase some paste wax, which is similar to wood varnish but made especially for metal. Perfection!

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