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Top Garden Gadgets

0 Comments Gardens   (on 19-Jan-2018 05:21 AM)

Our gardens are our pride and joy – a place where we can entertain, relax, express ourselves and design beautiful things. To walk a Brit’s garden is to take a little stroll through its owners’ heart and mind, but they don’t get beautiful on their own. In fact, a lot of hard work is poured into making them look special.


Today, that means the usual routine of planting, pruning, mowing and sculpting, but that’s not all. These days, there are countless gadgets which can make your garden routine dramatically more exciting. We’re talking about the new generation of garden gadgets that have proliferated the market and promised to bring ease and quality to every garden.


At Trago Mills, we’re proud to supply a comprehensive range of garden essentials to our valued customers in Liskeard, Falmouth, Newton Abbot and surrounding areas, but what are some of these top garden gadgets? Join us as we share a few of our favourites.


Handy Multi-Purpose Cart - £112.99


This multi-purpose cart from Handy is a must have for any serious gardener and promises to save you significant space by working as a traditional cart, an open sided cart, wheelbarrow and more. Its removable plastic tray liner means you can accomplish so much more and with four large pneumatic tyres, it’s easy to handle too.


Wolf Garten Multi-Change Range – Variable


Tired of finding your shed cluttered with dozens of old tools, each occupying space with large wooden handles? If yes, then Wolf Garten’s multi-change range could be for you.


By using a single handle like their 120cm aluminium model and a huge range of interchangeable heads which let you do things like rake, scrub, brush, weed, trim and much, much more, you can save huge space in your garden shed.


Apollo Electric Greenhouse Heater - £31.69


Let’s face it, the English weather can be pretty variable (and that’s at the best of times!). For serious gardeners, that poses an issue. How can we keep our greenhouses at a constant temperature? The answer is the Apollo Electric Greenhouse Heater.


With two settings and a mode for summer ventilation, the Apollo features full thermostatic control for perfect results, no matter what the weather is up to.


Comfort Flex Hose 30m - £26.29


Hoses are, all at once, both vital and frustrating. Traditional hose design is easy to twist and kink, leading to less than ideal water pressure when you’re attempting to irrigate your garden.


None of that is an issue with the Comfort Flex Hose from Gardena though, because its high-quality spiral mesh texture was specially designed not to tie itself in knots or kink, but remain flexible. Coming with a power grip pro for a superior seal between hose and gun, it’s ideal for any garden.


Winter Outside Tap Cover - £3.49


With winter fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll tend to your garden through the harsh, cold months. Winter causes a number of issues, but a major one remains frozen outdoor taps making watering a near impossibility. 

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