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Trago Mills’ Blooming Marvellous Rose Festival is About to Begin!

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A yearly celebration for one of the UKs most iconic flowers, Trago Mills is proud to present our Bloomin Marvellous Rose Festival. Starting on Saturday the 7th of August and ending on Sunday the 8th, it’s a whole weekend where we offer tips and tricks on how to care for your roses and offer great deals so you can get a beautiful garden for less.


So, in support, we’re going to outline some simple tips for those of you who may be eager to try growing roses but have perhaps felt intimidated by the notoriously difficult bloomer. Not all roses deserve the reputation and, with a little know-how, you’ll be able to bring something truly special to your garden.


When to Plant Roses


If you’re growing a rose plant in a container then you’re good to plant them all year round! Simply ensure that the soil your using isn’t frozen or very dry and you’re good to go!


For planning in the garden, bare root roses should be planted in late autumn when leaves start falling from trees. The beginning and middle of winter are bad seasons due to frost and poor ground conditions but you can also plant in late winter if it’s mild, just before the coming of spring!


Special Care


You can use general fertiliser with roses but you may get better results when using a specific blend designed for roses. You’ll want to cover the whole ground every spring and – if growth is slow – you can do this again in mid-summer. This should then be followed immediately with mulching to help the soil retain moisture and protect the roots during winter.


Pruning is essential to keep roses healthy and you should do this in late winter or early spring. Begin by cutting back dead or damaged growths, then proceed to weaker growths. For shrubs then you don’t need to do anything more. For climbing rose plants then you’ll want to prune the stems back to 30-40cm from ground level. For large flowered and cluster flowered roses, you should prune more aggressively, so the stems are 10-15cm from ground level.


The Royal Horticultural Society has a great set of frequently asked questions about problems when growing roses that outlines common issues and illnesses that beset these flowers.


Interested? Join us!


Each Trago store will be celebrating our Rose festival with tips and special offers. Not only that but we’ll have 100s of varieties of roses from the Cornish Rose company so you’ll be spoilt for choice!

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