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How to Encourage Wild Birds into your Garden

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According to the fine people at the British Ornithologists Union, the number of species of birds within the UK currently stands at 574. Encompassing birds native to the UK, migrating species and even those which have been blown off course (often from the United States), the list of birds you can see just by keeping a keen eye is quite staggering.


You don’t need to head out into the countryside to see the incredible variety of species the UK plays host to though, because with just a little encouragement, your garden could become a haven for birds. 


So, how do you encourage wild birds into your garden? Here’s five top tips:


Set up a Bird Feeder


Birds are attracted away from forests and into gardens by the food available to them, so they’ll always be unlikely to visit unless you’ve got a little something for them to snack on. 


The first step is to invest in a bird feeding station. At Trago, we supply a wide range of bird feeding stations, but if you’re looking for the complete experience, a model like the Gardman Complete Feeding Station Kit for Wild Birds comes with absolutely everything you need, sans the feed itself. 


Do remember though that birds prefer feeders that are close to (or ideally partially hidden by) a bush or tree, as this gives them ample coverage from potential predators.  


Buy a Variety of Food


Bird feeders that are loaded with a variety of foods – nuts, fat balls, seeds, meal worms, etc – will always be extremely attractive to local birds, and will even encourage rarer and more cautious birds to come visit. 


Fit your feeder with a variety of foods and begin to see the benefits within just a few days. 


Offer a Water Source


When you’re building a bird paradise, don’t forget the water. Birds need to drink often and they enjoy bathing, so ensuring you’ve got something to fulfil those desires is crucial. A pond is perfect, but a bird bath or even a deep bowl can do the job nicely. ​


Don’t Throw Away Food Waste


Heading to the bin with your out-of-date fruit? Think again, because those leftovers are a brilliant way to get birds into the garden. 


Birds will attempt to eat almost anything, from cheese to cooked pasta and rice, and they love small chunks of cooked meat and fat. Do be careful not to load them up with foodstuffs which offer little nutritional value, like bread. 


Give them Somewhere to Nest


Nest boxes are utilised by many species when they’re available and can be crucial to encouraging persistent bird sightings in your garden. By investing in a product like the Gardman Wild Birds FSC Wood Robin Nest Box, you can make sure that your local birds have somewhere to stay. 


Put out new ones in the autumn and clean out your old ones at the same time, as this will give birds plenty of time to discover them and make them their home.

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