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Budget, Better and Best at Trago – At Home

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Trago has been offering amazing deals on anything a home could need for over 50 years now. We started by offering great discounts on a small selection of items and never stopped expanding! But today we don’t just have budget products, we also have some of the best brands and suppliers at prices better than you’ll find elsewhere.


So, let’s have a gander at some of the Trago choices we have on offer, where you can pick out some great budget lines, or a mid-range product – or go for something that’s top of the line without paying ‘top dollar’! Today we’ll be focusing on products you’ll need around the home… classic homeware from Trago.



Whether you’re leaving home and looking for some workhorse cookware to get you through the next few years or you want to upgrade to something more professional, our range at Trago offers great quality options for everyone. From professional grade products such as Circulon to affordable cutlery sets, everything has a great price and you’ll find something, no matter what your budget.



You can get a complete dinner or cookware set for an incredible price when you shop at Trago This 12 piece dinner set is microwave and dishwasher safe for less than £10, perfect for students! Also just the ticket for those prepping to leave home is a £10 set of three non-stick saucepans, or a steel carbon wok for quick and easy stir-fries.


Other bargain essentials that won’t let you down include complete cutlery sets like the Dubarry 16 piece set for only £8 and a pack of two pint glasses for less than £2. Or a three piece kitchen knife starter set for just £6.  All of this adds up to a complete range of kitchenware that is great for shopping on a budget but still carries quality that we’re proud of.



We carry an attractive range of ceramic dinnerware from Creative tops. Including perfectly matching mugs, plates, tea towels and bowls, will you choose the sleek blue fade or funky cactus design? Both will bring something special to your meals and each individual element starts at just £4.50 so you can get yourself an amazing dinnerware set at an affordable price.


We also carry great quality brand names in cooking at cheaper prices. The Morphy Richards 5 piece knife set is a gorgeous addition to any kitchen, with a stylish block included to made kitchen top storage a doddle. We also carry the Morphy Richards three piece pan set for just under £50; a choreographed kitchen that also boasts terrific quality cookware!



We stock the incredible Kyu knife block from top brand Richard Sheffield. Inspired by Japanese cuisine and design, these knives will make light work of steak, veg, bread, just about anything! What’s more… you can pick up this top notch set for less than £55 at Trago  - a phenomenal price for a set of knives that a samurai would be proud of!


If you want superior design for your dinnerware, we also carry a special range of crockery produced by Ted Baker. This includes teapots and complete dinner sets with beautiful and detailed designs that combine geometric and natural patterns. Or if you’re looking for classic style, we carry Royal Worcester dinnerware, including their Serendipity gold range for an impressively low price.


And if you’re looking to create cuisine on some top quality cookware, we carry ranges from prestigious brands such as Analon, Morphy Richards and Circulon. Some of these products have some really clever feature , like the removable handle on the Tefal Ingenio range. Others offer superior quality that will help you create incredible dishes. Circulon, especially, offers professional quality pans and cookware, which you can buy for less thanks to our everyday lowest prices on even premium products.



Snuggle up to a good night’s sleep! Too many of us hold onto old and uncomfortable bedding far longer than we should. Duvets and pillows should be changed regularly, but it needn’t bust the stitching on purses and wallets. At Trago, you can grab yourself great quality bedding at a price that may surprise you, whether you’re look for soft cotton, feather filling or even a fancy memory foam mattress topper!



Pick up a light, summer single duvet for only £3.99 from SleepyCo or the essential pillow pair from top quality brand Silentnight. Not only can you get branded pillows and duvets for less, you can also deck them out with our range of percale colour plus sheets and pillow cases in a gorgeous range of colours. Even a stylish duvet set can put you back for less than a fiver! Ideal for getting what you need without breaking the bank.



If you want to grab yourself a bargain that will keep you cozy all year round, we highly recommend????????. If you suffer from allergies and just can’t cope with feather pillows then we recommend this comfy anti-allergy pillow made with bamboo for a comfortable night’s sleep.



If you’re looking to really pamper yourself and give your bed the luxury treatment, then memory foam is a fabulous option that perfectly moulds to your contours. And you can pick up a Dreamtime memory foam single mattress topper for less than £30! Pair this with a luxurious goose feather duvet covered in a luscious 800 thread count white sateen bedding set and you’ll have an incredible night’s sleep at a price that won’t cost the earth.

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