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Storage Solutions for Small Rooms

0 Comments Furnishings   (on 22-Jun-2018 01:29 AM)

Our homes are our castles, but whilst that classic maxim might remain as true today as it ever did, it’s not totally accurate. After all, when was the last time you saw a castle with clothes strewn across the floor, toys bursting out of every available space and piles of miscellanea occupying every corner?


Castles are blessed with acres of available space, but our homes? Not so much. It’s why investing in smart storage solutions is so important, so we can reclaim our homes from the mess that litter them.


But for small rooms, you’ve got to be extra crafty to make the most of what’s available. Luckily, Trago Mills has everything you need to get the job done in style. Here are our top small room storage solutions:


Smarter Shoe Storage


Struggling to find space for your growing shoe collection? You’re not the only one. Shoes take up a massive amount of space in a room and can be a real hazard should you or a family member trip on a pair.


Whilst a traditional shoe rack still takes up floor space, there are alternatives available. Our Over Door Shoe Rack in White hooks neatly over the back of a door and features 10 shelves capable of holding up to 20 pairs of shoes in style. Stylish and deeply practical, it’s an amazing way to make the most of your floor space.


Alternatively, our 10 Pocket Shoe Organiser in Blue fits 10 pairs of shoes into a thin sliver of your wardrobe.


Under Bed Storage


Smart storage for small rooms is about making usable space where previously there was none, and when it comes to usable space, there’s no finer candidate than under your bed.


Dusty, hard to get to and cramped? It doesn’t have to be a problem when you invest in smart under bed storage solutions like the 80 Litre Click N Store Under Bed with Folding Lid & Wheels. With 80 litres of storage space, simple hinge design and built-in wheels, it’s the fastest and easiest way to unlock the storage space under your bed. With no need to worry about dust or being difficult to retrieve, you can make hundreds of litres of extra storage space in any bedroom in your home.


Hidden Storage


If you’re finding that furniture makes installing storage difficult, then why not hide your storage inside the essential furniture of your property?


By investing in a high-quality ottoman from Trago, you can create an amazing hidden storage space within any room of your property. Supremely multifunctional, an ottoman can be used as a seating area in a kid’s room, a foot-stool in the living room, a window box out in the hallway or, really, just about anything else you can imagine.


Taken together with smart shoe storage and under bed storage, ottoman storage can help transform your small rooms into neat, tidy and functional spaces which work for the whole family. Who said you need a castle, anyway?

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