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Keeping Your Skin Looking Healthy in Cold Weather

0 Comments Health   (on 12-Feb-2018 05:23 AM)

Winter can be absolutely brutal on your skin. Cold weather and low levels of humidity combine to dry out your skin, pulling moisture away and leading to unpleasant, cracked skin on almost every part of your body.


Without care and attention, your skin can seriously deteriorate, leaving a big rescue job when spring and summer roll around. It’s a problem made worse by the fact that hot showers, high indoor heat and harsh cleansers – three common winter survival techniques - can all act negatively on your skin.


So, what can you do to keep your skin healthy looking and feeling throughout the cold months? Join us as we share a few of our top tips:


Wash your Skin in Lukewarm Water and Moisturise Afterwards


Whilst it might be tempting to set the shower temperature to ‘scolding’ and get the warmth back into your bones, hot water is bad for your skin. Instead, opt for a more lukewarm temperature as this will avoid stripping away your skins essential oils.


Once you’re out, ensure that you use a moisturiser that locks in and protects your skins natural moisture, like Cyclax’s Moistura Cream. It’ll dramatically improve your skin condition, leaving your skin feeling smooth and pampered throughout the day.


Pamper your Extremities


The vast majority of us stay wrapped up during winter, but there are parts of our bodies which we don’t keep covered. Your hands and lips are two such body parts, and through winter you need a skin care regime to keep them in beautiful condition. For your hands, we recommend Inecto Naturals Cocounut Hand & Nail Cream, a lightweight, non-greasy cream which provides vital relief and moisturisation for your hands.


For your lips, Blitex’s Intensive Moisturiser not only soothes and heals cracked lips, but also protects your lips from UV damage with an SPF15 rating – essential with the winter sun.


Care for your Feet


Winter can be tough on your feet. Wrapped up in waterproof boots and rarely left uncovered, the condition of your feet can deteriorate quickly. Keeping that skin soft is easier said that done, but not when you invest in a natural pumice stone.


By exfoliating the skin on your feet you can return them to summer condition, preparing them for all the open-toed jaunts to come.


Drink More Water


Humans are, more than anything else, made of water, but in winter we all have a tendency to drink less of it, in favour of the comfort of hot drinks.


Despite sweating less, our bodies need just as much water as they do during summer, and going without it can cause skin to dry out quickly. Always keep a reusable water bottle with you and keep yourself hydrated throughout the day, you’ll be amazed what it can do for your skins health.


Humidify your Home


The higher the heat in your home, the lower the relative humidity (RH) will be. Just like low RH outside, this leads only to dry skin, but how do you combat low RH whilst keeping warm indoors? The answer is a humidifier.


Much like a dehumidifier pulls excess moisture from the air, a humidifier increases moisture levels in the air, helping your skin recover from the cold, harsh low RH environments of outside. It can be a valuable tool in the battle for brilliant cold weather skin, so isn’t it about time you re-humidified your home?

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