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In the Kitchen

Magic Touches Included with English Rose Kitchens
0 Comments In the Kitchen   (3 weeks ago)
We’re incredibly proud of our English Rose kitchens here at Trago Mills, and for good reason! If you’re looking into a top quality fitted kitchen then their range is an impressive display of smart design and effortless style, whether you’re looking for rustic and traditional or ultra-contemporary and dazzling! ...

How to Make the Perfect Coffee
0 Comments In the Kitchen   (on 27-Jan-2018 11:37 AM)
Many of us need coffee to start our day, but it doesn't always need to come from the local cafe. Using some helpful tools and kit, you can brew yourself the perfect cuppa whenever you want one. ...

Slow Cookers – Amazing Meals for When You Get Home
0 Comments In the Kitchen   (on 22-Jan-2018 02:52 AM)
Sometimes called a crockpot over in the ‘states, slow cookers are electrical worktop appliances that gently cook your meals throughout the day so that when you return home, you’ve got a delicious, hot meal waiting for you. ...

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