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How to Make the Perfect Coffee

0 Comments In the Kitchen   (on 27-Jan-2018 11:37 AM)

For hundreds of millions of people around the world, coffee is the only way they can prize themselves out of bed in the morning. Rich, delicious and revitalising, coffee is an essential part of the workday for so many of us that drinking it is no more unique than checking the time.


That ubiquity means that often, we’re drinking coffee the wrong way. Mediocre brews from chain coffee outlets and expensive freeze-dried instant coffee is the primary way most of us enjoy our java.


That’s a shame though, because it hides the true flavour of coffee and turns what should be a delicious treat into a mundane experience.


At Trago Mills, we’re huge fans of coffee (how do you think we’re so productive?), and passionate about getting it right. That’s why we’ve decided to put together this guide on making the perfect coffee at home or in the office, let’s go!


  1. Select your coffee


If you’ve been stuck drinking the same brand of instant coffee for decades, you’ve likely forgotten that coffee, much like fine wine, can have a huge variety of flavours and strengths.


So, you’ve got a decision to make. Head down to your local independent coffee shop or supermarket and take a look at the coffee isle. You’ll find countless brands and varieties available, so take a moment to read their descriptions and find one which sounds appealing to you.


In general, there are two types of coffee available – pre-ground coffee and roasted beans. If your coffee is pre-ground, skip ahead to step three. If you’re buying beans, read on for step two.


  1. (Optional) Grind your coffee


If you’ve bought pre-roasted coffee beans, you’re going to need to grind them before you brew them. Don’t worry though, it’s not a big job. Pour 15 grams of coffee beans per cup of coffee into a hand or electric coffee grinder and get grinding.


Hand coffee grinders require a little physical effort, whilst electronic coffee grinders output freshly ground coffee automatically. Models like our Swan 150W Coffee and Spice Grinder take up only a little space but can save you endless time and effort.


  1. Add your coffee to your coffee maker


 Coffee makers come in all shapes and sizes, but there are three common types you’ll find available. They are:


  • Cafetiere – Taking the form of a simple glass jug with a mesh plunger, a Cafetiere is the simplest and fastest way to make a quick coffee. You pour your freshly ground coffee into the jug, add hot water and wait a few minutes before pushing the plunger down and pouring your coffee. Models like the Bodum Caffettiera Coffee Maker are designed to produce three cups – perfect for you and friends or family. 


  • Coffee Maker – Similar to what you’ll see in a coffee shop, these coffee makers use pressurised hot water to produce incredible coffee. Add your ground coffee to the machine and select your settings. Your coffee will slowly come out of the machine and from there, you can add things like frothed milk, if you so desire. 


  • Drip Coffee Maker – Most popular in offices, these machines brew and keep coffee warm throughout the day. Add your coffee to the top, add water to the machine and let it go. You’ll have fresh and warm coffee throughout the day! Models like the Quest Coffee Machine brew up to ten cups of coffee at a time and feature a drip-stop mechanism so your coffee can be retrieved at any time.   
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