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Slow Cookers – Amazing Meals for When You Get Home

0 Comments In the Kitchen   (on 22-Jan-2018 02:52 AM)

Let’s be honest with ourselves – when we get home from a long day, we don’t often have the energy and enthusiasm required to make delicious, nutritious food for ourselves and our family. It’s the reason why more often than ever we’re turning to the convenience of frozen meals and takeaways to feed ourselves at the end of the day.


It’s not an ideal situation, and has led to a generation of youngsters who are more familiar with the frozen pizza than they are slow-cooked beef.


It’s also led, somewhat surprisingly, to the renaissance of one of the UK’s forgotten kitchen appliances – the slow cooker. Sometimes called a crockpot over in the ‘states, these electrical worktop appliances gently cook your meals throughout the day so that when you return home, you’ve got a delicious, hot meal waiting for you.


We’re talking about the kinds of meals you’d spend a whole day slaving over, and not only that, an incredible variety of them too.


Whilst you can expect the usual array of chilli’s and stews, slow cookers have developed a community of eager and experimental chefs around them, who’ve done the hard work for you. Today, you’ll find there are thousands of recipes available for things you might not have thought you could ever cook in a slow cooker.


We’re talking about things like traditional rice pudding made whilst you take the kids to the park, a roast chicken cooked whilst you complete the weekly shop, sumptuous pork-chops slow-cooking whilst you’re at work and much, much more.


In fact, the sheer variety of meals which can be prepared in the morning and returned to in the evening in a slow cooker makes it one of the most versatile appliances in your whole house and an essential addition to your worktop.


At Trago Mills, we’re proud to offer range-leading slow cookers like the Morphy Richards 3.5L Slow Cooker at low, low prices in all of our branches and online. With an oval shape that makes it perfect for cooking large pieces of meat, that particular model features three pre-set temperatures which you can set and forget for different recipes. Combined with a toughened glass lid, that particular Morphy Richards model makes for a wise purchase.


Slow cooking is back in a huge way, and with such an enthusiastic and vocal cooking community around them, you can be certain that you’ll never run out of things to cook. So, what are you waiting for? Get on board with the slow cooking revolution today and never eat bland, expensive ready meals again! 

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