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Top Time-Saving Kitchen Gadgets

0 Comments In the Kitchen   (on 12-Mar-2018 02:33 AM)

We all love eating freshly prepared food, but when it comes to cooking, we’re all loathe to spend hours fussing with the prep work that goes hand in hand with it. Between blending, chopping, measuring and weighing, the preparatory aspects of cooking can slow us down and discourage us from cooking fresh, especially when the takeaway is just a phone call away.


That’s why we at Trago Mills offer a huge range of kitchen electricals, each designed to help remove the stresses and strains of the kitchen, so you can focus on making amazing food.


With dozens of time-saving products available though, which are the three we think every kitchen deserves? Let’s take a look.


Electric chopperTower Dual Bladed Mini Grinder Chopper


Chopping is not only one of the most tiresome tasks in any kitchen, it’s also one of the smelliest and toughest to clean up afterwards – and that’s without getting into the struggles of ensuring a small, even cut. That’s why we recommend you invest in a mini chopper like the Tower Dual Bladed Mini Grinder Chopper.


It’s ideal for chopping small quantities of ingredients, whether that’s chilli peppers, onions, garlic, carrots, cucumbers, herbs or spices, it handles anything you throw at it. It’s also exceptionally easy to use, with just one button to switch it on or off and no complicated timers to manage – simply stop blending when your ingredients are chopped to your satisfaction.


Cleaning is as easy as removing the plastic bowl and blades, before washing them in the sink or dishwasher. Perfect!


Soup makerTefal Easy Soup & Smoothie Maker 1.2L


Getting your recommended amount of fruit and veg a day is never easy, but there are some tricks we can use to help us get all that delightful nutrition in our bodies without snacking on carrots throughout the day.


Two such tricks are soups and smoothies, but making them can be a real hassle. But not if you have the Tefal Easy Soup & Smoothie Maker. With a 1.2L capacity, this compact kitchen tool can create smooth or chunky soups, compotes or even smoothies quickly and easily. More than a mere blender though, the Tefal Easy Soup & Smoothie Maker cooks your soups too and keeps them warm for up to two hours, thanks to its double-insulated pot.


It’s the quick and simple way to make amazing soups and smoothies without making a mess.


Weighing jugMorphy Richards 3-in-1 Digital Jug Scales


Weighing, measuring and mixing ingredients in the kitchen is slow, messy and frustrating work – work which requires multiple utensils to do effectively. Enter the 3-in-1 Digital Jug Scale from Morphy Richards.


It’s the ideal addition to your kitchen and takes the hassle out of preparation by letting you weigh, measure and mix all in one set of scales. With a handy tare function which enables you to weight individual elements as they go in, these scales allow you to cut down the time you spend cleaning, and the large stainless-steel mixing bowl means you can mix your ingredients right there in the scale, simple!  

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