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Spring Cleaning Tips from Trago

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The weather outside our windows might be grim, but there’s an undeniable hum in the air – one that’s growing louder with each passing day. We’re talking about the return of spring, an event that’s now only a few short weeks away!


So, with the days getting brighter and the state of our homes becoming that much clearer, it’s almost time to break out the cleaning products and get our homes back up to a standard where we can truly proud of them.


At Trago, we’ve got everything you need to bring your home back to its shining, glorious best, but the right products alone aren’t enough – you’ll need to break out the elbow grease too. Here’s our top tips for getting that showroom finish in your home:


Don’t Ignore your Cupboards


With your big jobs out of the way in your spring clean, it’s time to tackle some of the areas of your home which often go unnoticed when you’re breaking out the cleaning fluids. Specifically, your kitchen cupboards.


No matter how careful you are when you cook, the bubbling of food will always produce splashes of water, oil and other liquids which, over time, lead to cabinets looking significantly worse for wear. By using a degreaser like Elbow Grease, you can rid your cupboards of stains and marks, bringing them back to the sort of condition that your kitchen deserves.


Invest in Disinfectant


All too often we see customers making use of all-purpose sprays to clean their bathrooms and kitchens, and whilst these are generally suitable, there are certain spots which require careful attention. From your taps to your toilets, there are areas of your home which deserve top class care so you can be safe and comfortable using them.


That’s why we recommend Zoflora Concentrated Disinfectant. Killing 99.9% of germs whilst leaving a beautiful smell of bluebells, leafy greens and forest notes, it’s a beautiful way to ensure that germs don’t harm you or your family.


Tackle your Drains


Our drains have a tough time of it. They have to deal with food particles, coffee grounds, fats, oil and just about anything else you can imagine on a daily basis and, over time, those elements build up and contribute to slow draining or blocked sinks, showers and baths.


Anyone that’s had the displeasure of using a plunger on a drain will tell you that’s it’s a job you’d rather not have to tackle, but a little prevention goes a long way. By using a product like Dr Magic Double Action Foamer, you can return your drains to as-new condition, dissolving anything which might be blocking your flow. Glamorous? No, but a vital part of any deep spring clean.


Murder your Mould


Humidity is a breeding ground for mould, but whilst it doesn’t require much encouragement to grow, getting rid of it can be a trial without the right products. That’s why we trust Astonish’s Mould & Mildew Remover – an all British product which does exactly what it says on the bottle, blasting away 99.9% of bacteria and mould with no scrubbing required. Hard work? Hardly.

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