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'Trago Mix' has value, choice and personable service

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Our ‘Trago Mix’ of fine broadloom, seamless cushioned vinyl and fabulous rugs will never strike a discordant note, value, choice and our personable service to the fore! No competitor carries more stock, and what you see in store is available to take away and lay without delay for those not wishing to use a professional fitter – of whom we have many just waiting to assist. Our recent ads have featured a lot of clearance and special purchases, the majority still available and not least some really cracking deals for bedrooms - palatial quality for pauper money!! Today’s ‘bulletin’ is very much mid-field focused, so as to allow you the broadest ‘glimpse’ (it can be little more in this limited space) of the stunning products that will be found in-store this month!


  • Few Trago carpet ads would be complete without a mention of Gala, the industry’s most popular do-it-all cord. Made from durable Stainsafe olefin yarn and with a top quality built-in Ultratex ready to lay felt underlay, this proven performer is available in both 4m (13’1”) and seam-free 5m (that’s a whopping 16ft 5in across the width). With a 6 Year guarantee for Heavy Domestic Wear and a 10 Year Stainsafe warranty against normal household spills, this universally respected and much copied carpet costs just £4.65yd² (£5.56m²)!! Top Trago Value! Still a little too much for that little used back room? Not to worry, as there’s no end of choice for under £3 a yard, all great carpets in their own right.

  • Equally well known and worthy of mention is Stainsafe Shepherd, a top, mid-price twist that is not simply available in 4m & 5m widths but in a fine selection of plain and heathered colours too – our stock really is that deep!  6 Year Heavy Wear Guarantee, a 10 Year Stainsafe warranty and on a mildew and rot-proof Actionbac that then permits your choice of underlay... don’t cut corners, as a throw-away underlay failing to provide the correct support usually results in a throw-away carpet! Shepherd costs just £5.99yd² (£7.16m²)! Better still, if you would like something a little heavier, ask to see our Shepherd Supreme – I say ‘our’ as it is exclusive to Trago and an equally recommended choice for just an extra £2, yes, £7.99yd² (£9.56m²)! You will save more money too, if electing for one of our new, own brand polyurethane underlays, Stepfair Luxury, a thick 11mm quality with easi-lay scrims on both sides @ a remarkable £1.99yd² (£2.38m²) or, for heavier and commercial duty, our Stepfair Super Support, a higher density 160kgm³ quality that is a convenient 8mm thick, providing a reassuringly firm yet resilient feel underfoot...for just £2.35yd² (£2.81m²)! Brand lovers fear not, our long standing Tredaire and Duralay collection remains unchanged!

  • Country dwellers tend to prefer heathered or subtly patterned carpets to plain for the most practical of reasons, they don’t show the odd mark or a little, light soiling. Perfectly suited to those environments is surely Associated Weavers ‘Stainaway Tweed’, a multi-hued twist-velour that will wear like iron – well, almost! Carrying a 6 Year Heavy Domestic Wear guarantee that includes on staircases and reinforced with AW’s 10 Year ‘no fuss’ Stainaway Warranty, this durable carpet can be installed where under-floor heating is present (tog 1.3) and when ready for a spruce-up, may be cleaned with diluted bleach. Available in standard 4m (13ft 1in) width on a tough Actionbac, a fine choice of flinty and heathery options await – for just £6.99yd² (£8.36m²). Great brand, even better value!

  • Not long into the stores is our finely tufted, 1/10th gauge twist, the aptly named ‘Classic Charm’. With all but 60ozs of semi-soft ‘X-Tron Hi-Performance’ polypropylene fibre in every square yard, this is most certainly a ‘super-weight’ twist pile broadloom, a real handful even before the addition of underlay. Not surprisingly, it boasts a 15 Year Heavy Domestic Wear guarantee that includes stairs plus the manufacturer’s 15 Year Stainsafe warranty against those inevitable little accidents – it’s bleach cleanable too! Non-allergenic, anti-static and with a tog rating of 1.4 that still allows a quite broad choice of underlay even if installed with under-floor heating, Classic Charm is available from most stores in both 4m & horizon-wide 5m widths (if your local store doesn’t carry the wider width, we’ll be delighted to get that for you at no extra charge). An expensive carpet? Not really but only from Trago at under a tenner @ £9.95yd² (£11.90m²). Quality without compromise! Should you be taken by the style but only need a quality for a less demanding area of the home, have a look at its ‘little sister’, Country Charm, from which we have selected four shades, the two best trend greys plus old favourites beige and fawn: you still get a 5 Year Heavy Wear guarantee ..... and the best bit is the price – just £5.99yd², (£7.16m²)!

  • Deep, dense pile Saxonies abound, indeed more than we have ever had before! Once an American favourite back in the 80s, Saxonies are now second only in popularity to twist pile, thus we have as many as anyone could wish to see and handle, from budget bedroom qualities to somewhat overawing 100ozs monsters! Today’s is a mid-field message, so we’ll plum for a lovely ‘double act’ in a full, fat 60ozs build. True to its name, ‘Timeless’ has been with us for almost 7 years and has just undergone its second ‘refresh’ with a brand new palette, and is the plain derivative which is available in the most gorgeous selection of subtle, soft greys and beiges, from literally Snow to a rather bolder furnishing statement, Graphite. Rated for a conservative 7 Years Heavy Domestic Wear, bleach cleanable, compatible with under-floor heating subject to the use of the correct underlay - we would recommend Duralay King - and with a peace of mind 10 Year Stainsafe warranty, this cosseting luxury Saxony will cost you £9.95yd² (£11.90m²). The other part of the double-act? ‘Timeless Heathers’ of course, a choice of four well-balanced blends of colour with grey very much to the fore right now - same specification, same unbeatable price £9.95yd² (£11.90m²)! 



  • Seamless, sheet cushioned vinyl is something of another Trago house speciality, our choice being 170 rolls in 2m, 3m and 4m widths at the three larger stores with even Falmouth cramming in a worthy 130. One often un-heralded hero is Rhinofloor, and from who we offer their superior ‘Elite’, a heavy 3mm quality that weighs in at some 2¼ kgs per square metre and which also achieves a high R11 slip-resistance rating, so a good bet where this is a foremost consideration. It also has a high 18 dB acoustic insulation rating, useful in split hereditaments. In a handy 3m (9ft 10in) width, and rated for 20 Years Heavy Domestic Wear, the gamut of designs embraces plank, tile and what we call ‘porridges’, rather ubiquitous marled-plains. This is a mid to upper field player, not our most expensive but far from our most affordable quality – a deeply cushioned ‘comfort’ vinyl is still available for under £3 a yard, but at £5.95yd² (£7.12m²) represents excellent value for a Top Brand floor!




Rugs with a classical flavour have always been at the heart of our Carpet Department, hand woven, loomed and machine made, you name it, we have it, and more in any one store than will be found after an evening’s ‘surfing’, if that’s what it’s called - a good waste of pub time in my opinion! Here’s a couple of stunners, one brand new, two proven and tested over numerous seasons.

  • Venezia' is our brand new, semi-soft pile, classical machine-woven wilton. It has a dense 800,000 points per metre construction, a luxurious 11mm deep pile (almost ½in, unusual for this genre) and is available in faithful reproductions of age-old Persian influence designs in corresponding colours: in a word, beautiful. As with that once-famous stout, it looks good, feels good and will do one’s well-being no harm at all (with apologies to the owners of Mackeson!). So far as your pocket’s well-being goes, have no concerns, as a mid-size area rug 160/230 (5ft 3in x 7ft 6in) is just £57.70 and an extra-large whopper, 300/400 (9ft 10in x 13ft 1in) costs a remarkably affordable £186.48! Terrific value!


A fine woollen rug is never likely to be a modest investment, but our blended qualities offer an opportunity to have the majority of the style and touch of one but at a fraction of the price! From 10% to 80% wool, here are those options:


  • Classic': A 100% woven wilton, authentic in appearance and with a nice matt wool-like look and feel, this carpet mixes 10% woollen yarn with acrylic fibre to stunning effect. Hard wearing, warm and welcoming, Classic sizes start with a generous sofa rug 120/180 (c. 4ft x 6ft) @ £57.90 and run up to a typically room-size 240/350 (7ft 10in x 11ft 6in) for just £227.40! Top Trago Value!

  • For 80% wool-rich qualities, ‘Kirman’ and ‘Vera’ are your ports of call, identical quality but the former in traditional red/blue/beige and Vera in a more terra/gold blend for a slightly more ‘antiqued’ finish. Very similar in handle to Classic, hard wearing, warm and quite a statement on any floor, sizes start from 160/235 (5ft 3in x 7ft 9in) @ £147.60 and again top out with the aforementioned 240/350 (7ft 10in x 11ft 6in), in this instance £319.95! Lovely...




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