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Treating Man’s Best Friend at Trago

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Trago Mills has a proud pedigree when it comes to supporting rural living, thanks to our ranges of fishing supplies, saddlery and hardy outdoor clothing. And what would country living be without man’s best friend bounding ahead? Not only does Trago have a terrific range of top quality pet products, we also have prices that you’ll love, giving you the chance to give your favourite canine some extra treats.


Grooming and Health Supplies


Weekly or even daily grooming can be essential for many different dog breeds. Some dogs find this time enjoyable, whereas others will try to wriggle away as though their life is in danger! Some grooming accessories, like the Mikki cotton grooming glove, are perfect for short haired pets or for getting your dog used to the feeling of being groomed. Then we have brushes for undercoats and combs for longer haired dogs that will reduce tangling and keep your dog looking beautiful.


Combs can also be helpful in discovering infestations such as fleas and ticks, which is another good reason to ensure that your dog is well groomed. And Trago carries a range of treatments, from tablets, medical shampoos, to spot on treatments, for dog breeds of all sizes.


Feasting and Food


From the smallest pup to the biggest dogs around, how much you need to feed to dog can vary enormously. Great Dane owners may look enviously at how little food a Yorkshire Terrier may require over the course of a month but buying your dog food at Trago Mills will make all purchases cheaper: big or small.


Trago carries a range of top quality dog food at cheaper prices. Premium foods such as Harringtons or Chappie are recommended by vets and feature quality ingredients. Iams in particular tailors different types of food for puppies, senior dogs, weight control and food specifically for larger or smaller breeds. Trago also produces our own dry dog food and mixer to help you feed your dog great food for less cost.


Treats and Taming


Whether your dog is old or young, it’s never too late to make sure their behaviour is where you want it. Using treats to reward good behaviour is a fantastic way to encourage obedience. And if you have a dog who is greedy for rewards, you can use low fat alternatives like Waggs turkey and rice treats when they’re behaving well enough to earn lots and lots of treats.


We also carry muzzles and haltis that can help make owners feel more secure and assist with training of dogs that exhibit aggression or anxiety. A secure harness can also help owners feel more in control of their dogs, which are designed for dogs of all sizes to stop pulling so much when walking on lead, the final piece for a relaxing walk (for both dog and owner!).

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