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The DAA Ride Out: 2018
0 Comments Motorcycling   (on 25-Jun-2018 03:34 AM)
Every year in July, the Devon Air Ambulance welcomes hundreds of bikers plus spectators into a massive assembled drive that ends in an afternoon of live entertainment. The perfect fundraiser for motorcyclists and a great way to connect with other drivers for a good cause, Trago Mills has been part of the day for many years and we’re proud to be involved again! ...

5 Simple Tricks for Better Motorbike Maintenance
0 Comments Motorcycling   (on 15-Jun-2018 02:45 AM)
There’s nothing quite like the joy of hopping on your motorbike and heading out on to the open road. There’s a feeling you get out there, with the wind whipping past and the power of a massive engine at your fingertips that’s impossible to replicate.Professional motorbike maintenance is always recommended for bigger jobs, but there are plenty of little jobs you can do yourself to keep your motorbike in tip-top condition. Here are our five simple tricks for better motorbike maintenance ...

Staying Warm on your Motorbike This Winter
0 Comments Motorcycling   (on 29-Jan-2018 11:04 AM)
When you’re out on two wheels this winter, what’s the best way to keep warm? Here’s our top tips on why layers are essential for winter riding, and our top recomendations from our range of products. ...

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