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5 Simple Tricks for Better Motorbike Maintenance

0 Comments Motorcycling   (on 15-Jun-2018 02:45 AM)

There’s nothing quite like the joy of hopping on your motorbike and heading out on to the open road. There’s a feeling you get out there, with the wind whipping past and the power of a massive engine at your fingertips that’s impossible to replicate.


Nevertheless, there’s no doubting that motorbikes are complex beasts, one with countless moving parts which need to be effectively maintained if you’re going to continue riding in safety and comfort.


Professional motorbike maintenance is always recommended for bigger jobs, but there are plenty of little jobs you can do yourself to keep your motorbike in tip-top condition. Here are our five simple tricks for better motorbike maintenance:


  1. Look after your tyres: Your tyres are where the rubber hits the road – literally. As one of the most important elements of your bike, making sure that they’re inflated to the correct pressure is essential. Under-inflated tyres affect handling, braking and fuel economy, whilst over-inflated tyres reduce the amount of rubber which touches the road, which reduces grip. Whilst you’re down there, it’s always worth checking overall tyre condition and the amount of tread left on the tyres, replacing them when necessary.
  2. Check your fluids: Your bike relies on a number of fluids to function effectively, including engine oil, brake and clutch fluid, gearbox oil, and engine coolant. Each of these levels is checkable by hand and replacing them is simple enough too, so there’s no excuse not to keep on top of this basic task. Your manual will feature all the information you need to get going, or alternatively visit a bike-specific forum for advice.
  3. Check your chain tension: Take a look through your manual and look for the correct chain tension. Incorrectly tensioned chains can wear out your sprockets and gearbox, reduce the life of your drivetrain and plenty more, so getting it right is important. Do make sure that you adjust the chain tension with a load on the bike (ideally somebody your size sat on it), as the chain tightens with a rider on board.
  4. Replace your spark plugs – It’s not a job that needs doing regularly, but if you’ve been racking up the miles, it might be worth consulting your manual to find out when it’s recommended you change them. Changing spark plugs is a job that takes only a couple of minutes and is simple, provided you source the correct spark plugs for your bike and follow the instructions carefully.
  5. Check bulbs regularly – You can’t see how well your bulbs are functioning when you’re on your bike, so making sure that they’re working as they should be before you set off is crucial. If you can’t be seen on the road your chances of having an accident go up dramatically, and the same goes for if other road goers can’t tell when you’re going to turn or overtake. Installing fresh bulbs in your bike can vastly increase your chances of being seen on the road and, therefore, safe.


By following these simple maintenance tips you can keep your bike in brilliant condition, save yourself a little money at the mechanic and, most importantly, keep yourself safe. Have fun out there!

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