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Staying Safe on Your Motorcycle

0 Comments Motorcycling   (on 24-Apr-2018 01:41 AM)

Spring has finally sprung and with it has gone the endless driving rain, snow and sleet of winter. With the days growing longer, the sun shining with ever greater intensity and warmer winds blowing in, it’s the perfect time to blow the dust off the saddle of our motorbikes and head out onto the road in search of adventure (or maybe just a bottle of milk).


Whilst driving conditions for motorcyclists might be improving though, the fact remains that the risk of death for a motorcyclist is a startling 57 times higher than that of a car driver, according to government statistics.


It’s for that reason why we should always take safety precautions whenever we ride, whether that’s the day or the night time. Here are our top tips for staying safe:


Be Visible


When you’re on your bike, the main problem you face is one of visibility. Though you’re often easy to hear thanks to the uncovered engines of motorbikes, you’re a much smaller and agiler sight on the road, which can lead to many drivers simply not noticing you.


That’s why it’s always recommended you wear a visibility aid when you’re on two wheels. Even something as simple as our fluorescent yellow reflective bib-vest can make you significantly easier to see out on the road, potentially helping to avoid a collision which can do serious harm.


Perform Safety Checks


The Motorcycle Safety Foundation recommends that before every ride you perform the T-CLOCS checks. T-COCLS stands for Tires, Controls, Lights, Oil, Chassis and Stands, and it reminds every rider to check for things like tyre pressure, frayed wires, oil leaks and disconnected steering. It’s the very first thing you should do after removing your Mammoth lock and chain, even if you’ve only been off your bike for a few hours.


Wear Protective Clothing


Unlike car drivers, if you crash you aren’t protected by a large metal frame – it’s just you and whatever you’re hitting. That’s why it’s so vital for you to wear the correct protective motorcycle clothing. Biking leathers will provide an absolutely essential protective layer between you and the ground should you crash.


You might well be a little warm inside those heavy leathers, but if it’s the choice between being toasty and being toast? Well, we know what we’d choose. The same goes for helmets, which are a legal mandate and not something we’d recommend pinching the pennies on.


Maintain Total Focus


Long journeys always encourage minds to wander, but when you’re behind the wheel of a motorbike, it’s simply not something you can risk. Quite simply, inattentiveness leads to crashes.


That’s why the Motorcycle Safety Foundation encourage riders to use the SEE (Search, Evaluate, Execute) strategy to stay on top of potential hazards on the road. You use your eyes to search the horizon for potential dangers, evaluating every potential risk and then execute your plan to stay safe.


It helps keep your mind sharply focussed on the road and can help you stay safe in even the worst conditions.

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