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Staying Warm on your Motorbike This Winter

0 Comments Motorcycling   (on 29-Jan-2018 11:04 AM)

Whilst it might be plenty toasty within our Trago Mills stores, there’s no denying that beyond our doors the weather isn’t quite as favourable.


Lashing winds, icy rain and more all await those brave enough to venture outside during the winter months, but whilst some of us have the comfort of warm cars to retreat to, many others choose to ride motorbikes instead.


Needless to say, it’s not the warmest way to travel, despite its many virtues.


So, when you’re out on two wheels this winter, what’s the best way to keep warm? Here’s our top tips.


Get the Basics Right


Staying warm on your ‘bike usually means three things; be insulated, be wind-proofed and be water-proofed. Without these three elements in place, you’ll find riding in winter pretty tough going.


Thankfully, getting those basics right isn’t so hard. First and foremost being your choice of helmet. Debris is an issue for motorcyclists all year round but the winter storm season often results in more opportunities, such as fallen branches, damaged tarmac and don’t even get us started on gritting! Whilst going without a helmet is never advised, those of you that lean towards an open faced design in the summer may do well to consider full face coverage in the winter to really limit debris distractions.


Motorcycling layers available at Trago include balaclavas and head caps for pairing with your helmet, t-shirts and lightweight trousers for wearing as a cozy under-layer, plus oversuits that can fit over your whole ensemble during extreme weather. All these layers are excellent for wearing over the top or underneath one of our top-quality motorcycling jackets or speciality trousers. Waterproof motorcycle trousers are another essential you may want to consider, available from just £49.99 at Trago Mills, well worth is for the comfort, warmth and quality you’ll receive in return.


Protect the Extremities

Bad weather in the UK usually means low temperatures and rain, but the first places in your body to really feel the effects of those elements are your extremities. Namely, your hands and your feet. Incidentally, these just so happen to be quite vital when you’re attempting to safely drive a motorbike.


Winter motocycling glovesThat’s why we always recommend ensuring that your hands and feet are given extra care when winter comes around. For your feet, that means in investing in high quality, heat retention boots.


For your hands, it’s always worth spending a little extra on riding gloves. It’s incredibly easy for hands to seize on long journeys if they’re stricken by wind shear and cold weather, making you (and your bike) less responsive. High quality winter gloves will keep circulation good in all weather, whilst also giving you greater protection.


As is often the case with bike-related equipment, you get what you pay for when it comes to safety. Buying everyday gloves or boots to use on your bike may require less investment today but will cost you in terms of safety and protection. And – as with so many of our ranges – you can get excellent protection from Trago at a price you’ll know is reasonable. 

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