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We’ve been famous for carpets for over five decades, offering unbeatable prices and a huge choice, with showrooms that are the largest in the South West and, more recently, in South Wales. In store, you’ll find hundreds of rolls of carpets for every budget and every room, in stock and ready to take away today – with hundreds more available on special order. There are also thousands of gorgeous rugs, plus other flooring options, such as cushioned vinyl, laminate and engineered wood. Whatever you want, our experts are on hand to give you advice.


No longer locked in and looking down, so why not consider laying a new carpet which can cost surprisingly little … but only when selecting from our mountain of fine broadloom, available to take away* and lay today! With over 100,000 sq yards of fine twist, luxurious Saxony, chic velvet, tough cord and traditionally woven Axminster and Wilton in stock at each Trago store, there’s a carpet for everyone but, should you not find exactly what you want, browse our Special Order section for almost endless choice! Here’s a snapshot of just a few of our Summer Sizzlers, no ‘special offers’, just our everyday low, unbeatable Trago prices!

• A affordable cord is truly a carpet for all seasons and our ‘New Derby’ fits the bill admirably! Tufted in a easi-care, naturally stain-resistant synthetic fibre and with a built-in felt underlay saving additional time and expense, New Derby is particularly popular as it comes in not simply standard 4 metre (13’1”) width but waste-saving 3m (9’10”) too, ideal for utility rooms and other less spacious rooms in  the home. With a 5 Year Guarantee for General Domestic use, this gem has stood the test of time and is now in its 13th year in our collection – can’t say fairer than that, other than it’s just a humble £2.99 yd² (£3.58 m²)!! That’s a room 10’ x 9’10” covered for just £32.74! Maybe we should stop calling it ‘new’ ….??

• Equally popular for much the same reason is our ‘entry level’ Berber, ‘New World’. With a similar wear rating and warranty to New Derby, this stylish loop has a completely different style thanks to its Exelto olefin yarn system which has a pleasing and authentic ‘marled’ effect usually found in carpet many times its price, lending it a very liveable natural look. 4 metres (13’1”) wide and again just £2.99 yd² (£3.58 m²). Cover a floor 13’1” x 12’ for just £52.41!

Twist pile carpets
start from a remarkable
£3.49 yd² (£4.17m²)

• Our huge selection of twist pile carpets start from a remarkable £3.49 yd² (£4.17m²) for our perennially popular, ready to lay … ‘Popular Twist’, with even whopping 60 ozs qualities still costing less than a Tenner a yard! Here’s a selection that find constant favour with value-conscious shoppers, all proven in service and solid, safe bets.

• From Associated Weavers is Stainguard Grampian Heathers which as the name suggests has a pleasing heathery finish, handy too for disguising the occasional mucky footprint! Tufted in AW’s own Stainguard XL advanced synthetic yarn with a 6 Year Guarantee for Heavy Domestic Wear that includes stairs, it has a Recytex built-in felt underlay and benefits from a further peace of mind assuring 10 Year Staingard warranty against normal household spills. 4 metres wide and at a very tempting £5.99 yd² (£7.16 m²)! Better still, if you want your carpet to be a ‘keeper’, be sure to have a look at Grampian’s heavy weight partner, ‘Elite’ which has a full 50 ozs pile and a 10 Year Very Heavy Domestic Wear Guarantee, yet once again makes for a very appealing package thanks to it also having the same built-in, ready to lay backing. This heavier quality is available in both standard 4m and seam-saving 5 metre – that’s 16’5” across the width! – no joins in the majority of instances thus the perfect candidate for avid LIY’ers (lay it yourselfers) and no more than a modest step up @ £8.85 yd² (£10.58 m²)!

• Although little is manufacturer branded in the flooring industry, ‘Shepherd’ is a twist that is routinely request by name … with good reason. We’ve become big fans of this redoubtable broadloom which is now in its 8th season on our racks and during which it has not changed at all bar the occasional colour update to keep it contemporary and fresh. Tufted in durable and easy to clean Stainsafe polypropylene fibre, ‘Shepherd Twist’ is available in plain and heather colours, in both 4 & 5 metre widths, is anti-static and can be installed where under-floor heating is present. With a 6 Year Heavy Domestic Wear Guarantee (including stairs) and a 10 year Stainsafe warranty, this excellent ‘all around the house’ twist comes on a mildew and rot-proof Actionbac thus you get to select the underlay of your preference – be generous, as poor underlay is invariably a false economy and can lead to the premature failure of an otherwise perfectly serviceable carpet. Try our own Stepfair Supreme polyurethane, a cosseting 11mm thick quality @ £1.99 yd² (£2.38 m²)! With Shepherd costing just £5.99 yd² (£7.16 m²) you won’t put a foot wrong! As with the AW product, we also offer Shepherd’s ‘big brother’, ‘Stainsafe Shepherd Supreme’. The rating is identical, but this superior quality manages to pack around another 15 ozs of yarn into every sq yard, giving it greater plush underfoot and the assurance of enduring good looks. Very fair indeed @ £7.99 yd² (£9.56 m²)!

• There was a time 30 or so years ago when a 32 ozs twist was considered the discerning furnisher’s choice: how things have changed, and just as yesterday’s 4 seater saloon is dwarfed by a ‘Mini’ Clubman, we now see ever-more 50 ozs+ twists becoming almost the norm ….. whatever that ‘norm’ transpires to be in the months ahead! Here’s one that rather takes our fancy and indeed, that of our customers too judging from its reception! Lano is a name synonymous with quality and ‘Ultimate Distinction’ is no exception. This 52 ozs twist employs the latest generation of Eccelena soft- to-the-touch fibre with no discernible compromise to performance, it rating a 15 Year Heavy Domestic Wear Guarantee with a Touchdown easi-care warranty against normal household spills for the same term. The finish is amongst the best in the industry with marvellous pencil-point tuft definition and with a Tog of just 1.5, it can be used with under-floor heating subject to the use of the correct underlay – Tredaire ‘King’ @ £3.94 yd² will get it over the line, the combined Tog not exceeding 2.5. This is a handsome carpet that is presently only available in 4m (13’1”) width but as it ‘secret joins’ very successfully, there’s few wanting for anything wider. At £9.49 yd² (£11.35 m²), it is a bit of a unsung hero and definitely should be a contender for anyone seeking a nicely tailored, solid colour synthetic twist.

• Should I forget, our 80/20 wool-rich twists start from a affordable £7.99 yd² (£9.56 m²) for our ‘Cotswold’, with a full fat 50 ozs quality from local Abingdon Carpets, ‘Balmoral Deluxe’ at just £11.75 yd² (£14.05 m²).

• To finish with a flourish, a good hefty Saxony has to be just the ticket! I’m not going to go for a ‘soft touch’ this week but a proper ‘thug’ of a carpet that packs some 78 ozs of X-Tron olefin yarn into every sq yard and really feels the business underfoot, irrespective of what underlay its laid upon – go for broke and give it a real ‘penthouse’ feel! Unusually for a Saxony, ‘Silverstone’ has a 10 Year Guarantee for Heavy Domestic Wear that includes on stairs, the most demanding  of areas in the home and which is matched with  a Stainsafe warranty that also permits cleaning with diluted bleach, handy when the unthinkable become reality! Again, Silverstone is under-floor heating compatible when used with Tredaire ‘King’ thus a sound and practicable proposition for use all around the house, upstairs and down. 4 metres wide – joins are simple with deep sumptuous Saxony, and a no-nonsense deal @ £10.85 yd² (£12.98 m²)! Should you really wait ‘til the autumn ………??

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