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Prices Down… on more fine quality broadloom carpet!

Right at the top of our best sellers sits ‘Noble Hills’, a truly affordable saxony that can be laid throughout the home with confidence, upstairs and down. It’s Tactelle synthetic pile combines an inviting soft touch with assured performance, winning it a 5 Year Guarantee for General Domestic Wear. Moreover, it is naturally stain-resistant, may be cleaned with diluted bleach should the worst happen (it does!) and it may be installed where under-floor heating is present.

With a built-in felt underlay, there’s precious few hidden costs for those who wish to lay the carpet themselves, maybe just a door bar and a roll of quality double sided tape… a trimming knife! Previously a remarkably affordable £5.99 yd², Noble Hills is now £4.99 yd² (£5.97 m²) for the remainder of the year!

We’re battering prices back down wherever possible on all our popular broadloom carpet, a penny won, a penny off what you pay! Whether driven by Covid, the Ukraine and energy costs or whatever, the unprecedented price hikes of the last couple of years are unsustainable and, indeed, are becoming increasingly harder to justify in a rapidly softening global economy where demand is slack at best.

Many manufacturers and Trago’s competitors alike would prefer them to remain high, but as ever, we continue to do our best to keep prices low, every day, not once in a while, and backed by our Price Match Guarantee – tell us where we’re wrong and we’ll give you 15% back for the service

Click your chosen logo below for a small selection of where we’ve successfully chipped prices down on some of our most popular carpets and underlays…

Balta carpets
Associated weavers

Prices Down… on Associated Weavers!

‘Harvest Heathers’. Ready to lay hard wearing twist with a 6 year Heavy Domestic Wear Guarantee. Down from £7.49 to £6.99 yd² (£8.36 m²)!

‘Tuftex Supreme’ Hard wearing twist on its own built-in underlay with a 5 Year Guarantee for Heavy Domestic Wear. Down from £7.49 to £6.99 yd² (£8.36 m²)!

‘Stainaway Tweed’. As the name suggests, a lovely tweedy-look carpet with a 6 Year Guarantee for Heavy Domestic Wear. Down from £8.49 yd² to £7.99 yd² (£9.56 m²)!

‘Hudson’. AW are always high on style, and this high performance Stainaway quality also has rather more pile than most twists of its ilk. With a 12 Year Heavy Domestic Wear Guarantee that includes use on stairs and a 15 year warranty against normal household spills, this durable 50 oz broadloom is available in both 4 Metre and seam-saving 5 metre – that’s a full 16’5” across the width. A genuine Covid-inflation beater…the same price today as in 2019, just £8.99 yd2 (£10.75 m2)!

Exclusive to Trago!

‘Valorem’ is our most affordable Invictus Collection saxony that has a gorgeous soft 2 ply pile with a 5 Year Guarantee for General Domestic Wear plus a 7 year Stainaway warranty too. In 4 Metre (13’1”) width and on a ready to lay built-in felt underlay, this is a must-have carpet for bedrooms! Soft, cosseting yet strong and a bargain @ £6.65 yd2 (£7.95 m2)!

Prices Down!

‘Invictus Orion’. Amongst the most popular deep-pile saxonies from this impressive Collection, this fabulously soft to the touch 50 oz carpet boasts a 12 Year Heavy Domestic Wear Guarantee and a 20 year Easi-Clean Stainaway warranty for total peace of mind. Previously to order @ £14.99 yd2, now available from stock at a remarkable £9.95 yd2 (£11.90 m2)!

Prices Down!

‘Invictus Magnificus Supreme’ As the name suggests, magnificent fittingly describes this impressive 65 oz deep and dense pile saxony. Soft, cosseting yet strong, it rates a 20 year Guarantee for Heavy Domestic Wear including on staircases, all this backed by a Stainaway warranty against normal household spills. Previously to order @ £19.65 yd2, purchase from stock at a properly affordable Trago price of £12.99 yd2 (£15.54 m2)! NB While deep pile saxonies join invisibly when professionally installed, we also carry a limited selection of even heavier Sirius in horizon-wide 5 metre (16’5”) at the same price!

Fancy a stroll? ‘Promenade’ is one of the most enduring names in Associated Weavers extensive catalogue and for good reason too. This is a great carpet for use all around the home, offering assured performance, a touch of luxury and all at a very sensible price – backed as ever with AW’s excellent warranties. That’s 6 years for Heavy Domestic use to include on stairs and with an easi-care Stainaway warranty for a full 10 years. Available from stock in both 4 metre and seam-saving 5 metre widths, our take away without delay lower price is just £8.75 yd2 (£10.47 m2)! Go large? We also stock its ‘Big Brother’, Sophistication Supreme, a thumping great 65 oz quality at a tempting £11.99 yd2 (£14.34 50m2)!


Prices Down… on Lano Carpet Solutions!

‘Sweet Dreams’. Affordable Saxony-style broadloom with a plush, sumptuous pile. 5 Year Guarantee for Heavy Domestic Wear. Down from £8.70 to £7.99 yd² (£9.56 m²)!

‘Montana Classic Saxony’ Desirable 60 ozs deep-pile saxony in plain and heathered colours with a 7 Year Guarantee for Heavy Domestic Wear. Down from £9.95 to £9.25 yd² (£11.06 m²)!

‘Ultimate Distinction’. A heavy but soft to the touch twist in beautiful plain colours with a 15 Year Guarantee for Heavy Domestic Wear. Down from £10.95 to £9.99 yd² (£11.95 m²)!

Lano have a fine collection of easi-care twists, all backed with their exclusive Touchdown 10 Year stain-resist warranty. The Fairfield Collection contains something for everyone, with a choice of three weights from Fairfield Park with a 6 Year Heavy Domestic Wear guarantee, Silk with a 10 Year Guarantee and the redoubtable Silk Elite with a 12 Year Guarantee for Very Heavy Wear, including on stairs. Available in 4 metre and seam-saving 5 metre widths (dependent on quality) at, respectively, £7.49 yd² (£8.96 ), £8.90 yd² (£10.64 ) and £10.49 yd² (£12.55 ). Lano quality at unbeatable Trago prices!

Look no further if seeking a technically and aesthetically superior heavyweight saxony, as Ultimate Perfection will surely meet all expectations! Luxurious, soft to the touch yet strong, this massive 77oz carpet is tufted in a 1/10th dense construction, which befittingly is backed with a 15 Year Guarantee for Heavy Domestic Wear, to include on staircases. Naturally stain-resistant and bleach cleanable, there is also a 15 Year Touchdown warranty against normal household spills should the worst come to pass! Lovely muted soft colours that err toward natural shades, this 4 metre (13’1”) width broadloom has recently been reduced from £13.90 to a very attractive £12.99 yd² (£15.54 )! Highly recommended.

The perfect opportunity to spruce up the house this spring with our exclusive end of range stock clearance of fine Lano broadloom, in both standard 4 metre and seam-saving 5 metre and all below £7.00 a sq yard. ‘Sweet Melody’ and ‘Montana Rustique’ have been regular fixtures within our unbeatable carpet collection for sometime and we are sorry to lose them, now production has ceased. But it’s an ill wind that blows no one no good and Trago spot cash has secured first refusal on some 100 rolls where our eagle-eyed customers will make a killing – first come, first served!

The most affordable of the pair is Sweet Melody that weighs in at a not inconsiderable 45 ozs with its Eccelena soft-touch, naturally stain-resistant pile. With a 5 Year Guarantee for Heavy Domestic wear and compatible for use with under-floor heating, our regular price has been £7.49 yd2, so at just £5.99 yd2 (£7.16 m2) it’s unlikely to hang around for long! A good carpet for installation all around the home.

Montana Saxony is a well-established name in our Carpet Departments and ‘Montana Rustique’ is a heathered version of the original solid coloured range – probably better at disguising the odd careless mark too.  This beauty ups the ante even further with a 60 ozs Eccelena Xtra-Soft pile which warrants a 7 Year Heavy Domestic Guarantee that extends to use on stairs, the most testing of areas in the home. With such a dense, heavy pile, it should not be laid with underlay where under-floor heating is present (unless you like tearing up Pound notes!) but, as it has a multi-purpose Smartback fleece secondary backing, it also may be stuck directly to the sub-floor and still be compatible with underfloor systems (its Tog rating is 2.1). Priced as Montana Classic Saxony at £9.25 yd2, Rustique is better than a bargain while stocks last @ £6.99 yd2 (£8.36 m2)! !  Unadulterated Saxony luxury for less!


Prices Down… on Betap!

‘Forest Harvest’ A better than entry level twist at entry level price! Semi-soft touch pile, 5 Year Guarantee for General Domestic Wear. Down from £4.45 to £3.99 yd² (£4.77 m²)!

‘Paramount Versatile Twist’. A chunky twist with a more generous top pile than many contemporary ‘engineered’ qualities that achieves a pleasing traditional finish. 6 Year Guarantee for Heavy Domestic Wear. Down from £7.99 to £7.49 yd² (£8.96 m²)!

A fine pairing, combining performance, unbeatable prices and the pleasure of good quality carpet underfoot – at Trago, it’s all eminently affordable!

Rimini offers the choice of two practicable and attractive saxonies, both suitable for use throughout the home but one rather heavier than the other. Tufted in Tactelle olefin fibre, they are naturally stain-resistant and may be cleaned with diluted bleach – anti-static too, with the lighter quality also being compatible with under-floor heating (Tog 1.7). ‘Classic’ comes with a 5 Year Guarantee for General Domestic wear, and ‘Deluxe’ with 6 Years for Heavy Domestic. Choose from trend greys, cool and warmer beiges, and in the heavier quality between both standard 4 metre and horizon-wide 5 metre (that’s a full 16’5” across the width) @ £6.25 yd² (£7.48 m²) and £8.75 yd² (£10.47 m²)! Nobody beats Trago carpet prices!

Inexplicably out of vogue, simple corded carpets provide a lot of performance for very little outlay: they have their place, and which is why we continue to carry a fair selection for not just homemakers, but our B2B clients, as loop pile broadloom is ideal for letting properties, student accommodation and other uses beyond affordable utility at home. You may well be surprised what less than four quid can buy, even in this inflation-blighted post-Covid era!

Hardura’ is an aptly named level loop, a simple cord in common parlance. With a stain-resistant and anti-static ‘Reflon’ polypropylene pile and with its own cost-saving built-in felt underlay, it’s available in a great selection of proper, workman-like colours in 4 metre (13’1”) width. Guaranteed 5 Years for Medium Domestic wear, it’s a snip @ just £3.49 yd² (£4.17 m²).For another 50p at £3.99 yd² (£4.77 m²), choose from either Cobble Lane or Tuscany that each employ the same durable Reflon fibre but in a structured, hi-low construction. Both have built-in, ready to lay felt underlays and for avid self-installers it’s just a case of think twice, cut once! That’s a room 13’ x 10’ beautifully carpeted for under £60….!

Balta carpets

Prices Down… on Balta!

‘Stainsafe Shepherd Twist’ Just that, one of the market’s most popular and enduring twist pile carpets, available from stock in plain and heathers in both 4m and seam-saving 5m (16’5”!!) widths. 6 Year Guarantee for Heavy Domestic Wear. Down from £7.90  to £7.49 yd² (£8.96 m²)!

Underlay has received our attention too…

Tredaire ‘Zest’ 10mm Polyurethane Down from £2.69 yd² to £2.39 yd²

Dreamwalk’ 11mm PU Down from £3.49 to £3.30 yd²

‘Alpha 8 Felt Companion’ PU Down from £2.25 to £1.95 yd²

‘Colours Red’ luxury sponge rubber Down from £7.98 to £7.49 yd²