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This week’s top picks

Morocco Rug

Just two established favourites from our veritable ‘Global Village’ of machine-made and hand-woven rugs and carpets!


Luxurious blended synthetic deep pile rug with grey and beige tone on tone fresco textures. Designs combine ethnic and tribal influences with a vintage touch. Choice of four sizes from 80/150 (2’7” x 5’11’) @ £22.99 to 200/290 (6’6” x 9’10”) @ £118.98

‘Virtuous Classics’

A traditionally woven, durable, multicolour polypropylene pile rug that mixes classical Persian influences with contemporary colour and modern attitude. Choice of four sizes from 70/140 (2’3” x 4’6”) @ £11.99 to room-size 240/330 (7’10” x 10’10”) @ £99.80

Persian influences with contemporary colour and modern attitude

Virtuouse Rug

See more of our fantastic other Morocco & Virtuous Classic rugs below

Stop Press!!

Four fantastic clearances, see and secure yours, as when they’re gone they’re gone!

Grand National’ crosses the line for a final time, and everyone’s a winner! This is an interesting carpet as some would call it a dense ‘engineered’ Saxony, others a ‘super’ twist: whatever the preference, it’s a monster quality with a full 60 ozs of durable and stain-resistant Xtron synthetic fibre in every square yard, deservedly rating a 10 Year Heavy Domestic Wear guarantee that includes staircases plus a no-nonsense 10 Year Stainsafe warranty against normal household spills – but do try to keep the red wine off it, please! With a Tog of just 1.6 it may be installed where under-floor heating is present*, it is anti-static and available while stocks last in both standard 4m (13’1”) and seam-saving 5 metre (16’5”) widths. There’s a great selection of heathery shades available in natural beige and brown blends, plus limited stocks of trendy greys for those quickest off the mark. Grand National bows out after a 8 year run, initially selling at a very respectable £9.85 yd², that price subsequently dropping as our sales exceeded initial expectations to £8.49 yd². Bag a bargain at our final farewell price of just £6.75 yd² (£8.07 m²)!!

*Subject to a suitably specified underlay – we recommend Tredaire ‘King’ @ £4.45 yd² (£5.32 m²)

Do the Twist – and save pounds! That’s the Pound in your pocket, as we have another fabulous stock parcel of wool-rich twist, the traditional furnisher’s choice. ‘Cotswold’ is a solid 40 ozs twist-pile broadloom with an 80% British Wool and 20% synthetic yarn content that is guaranteed for 5 Years Heavy Domestic Wear and again including when laid on stairs. Anti-static, on a mildew and rot-proof Actionbac permitting your choice of underlay (don’t skimp, it’s a false economy as poor underlay will shorten the life of any carpet), just 1.5 Tog and mainly in horizon-wide, seam-saving 5 metre (16’5”) width in numerous shades of grey, Cotswold was already a bit of a steal at £7.99 yd² – buy now while stocks last @ an amazing £5.99 yd² (£7.16 m²)!!

Grand National Carpet

Grand National


Pick of the Deep-Pile! ‘London Eye’ by name, this is one monster Saxony weighing in at a colossal 88 ozs per sq yard! Not wishing to put anyone off, it does have a total height before underlay of 21mm, thus a bit of door trimming may be necessary! But hey, this is proper high living and not the sort of deal that comes up every season let alone every week … be tempted! Quality assured with a 9 Year Heavy/Luxury Wear Warranty that includes on staircases and a 10 Year Stainsafe warranty against normal household spills, this easy to join carpet is available in 4 metre width and in four charming neutral shades from Light Beige to Fawn , nothing too dark at all. Our nearest comparison would be Key Biscayne, almost identical in specification and build, which is a popular choice @ £11.99 yd². Buy London Eye for just £7.99 yd² (£9.56 m²) – there’s as much as you want, many thousands of yards, but when it’s gone, that’ll be it!

Shipping delays, shortages and higher prices have all become an unwelcome feature of the pandemic and will continue for some while after the virus itself has been defeated, well into 2022 and possibly beyond. Affordable fresh stock is not always readily available and when it is, think plus 10% – 50% as per the ‘horror stories’ featuring almost daily in the news. Trago is therefore restocking selectively and cautiously so as to offer our shoppers what we believe still constitutes value: there will be exceptions, but rest assured that if you don’t immediately spot your usual brand, an alternative will be available. A return to normality cannot come soon enough, but here’s one deal meanwhile that was just too good to miss!

‘Rabbit Fur’ is a soft and slinky faux-fur rug with a polyester pile on a well-cushioned backing that gives a sumptuous feel underfoot, whether with bare or in stockinged feet. There is a vast assortment of colours and styles, plain, self-patterned and even some with contrasting ‘highlights’ for that extra bit of rapazz! Sizes start from 40/60 (c. 16″ x 24″) scatter mats @ £4.49 – buy a pair for £7.99, and edge up through 5 popular intermediate sizes to our largest sofa rug, 120/170 (4′ x 5’7″) @ £38.60. This is a frustrated export cancellation, so when it’s gone, it’s gone!’

fur rugs

Select Cuts!!

Just before the fateful lockdown in March, we landed a scoop purchase of fabulous Associated Weavers broadloom carpet, acres of the stuff which flew out once the doors re-opened in the summer. There’s still some choice pickings in both 4 metre and seam-saving 5m ‘Stainguard Saxony Supreme’ – yes, the latter’s a full 16’5” across the width, and still available at just £3.99 yd² (£4.77 m²) against a former price of £10.49 yd² (£12.55 m²)!! Better still, we have just secured another 17,000 sq yards of principally hard-wearing twist which is available in the same two fitting-friendly widths!

There is also some 4,000 sq yds of pure gems, two magnificent ‘soft to the touch’, deep-pile Saxonies from AW’s Invictus collection. These are premium qualities, Hyperion a full 70 ozs, and Centaurus which trades a tad of that hefty pile for a touch of iVinci ‘Sparkle’ yarn that lends the carpet a striking, contemporary dimension. Both are recommended for Heavy Domestic wear, have 20 year warranties and come on a supple Fusion backing that can be laid direct to subfloors without underlay should under-floor heating be present – if it isn’t, try our superb ‘Stepfair Luxury’, a 11mm polyurethane underlay that costs just £1.99 yd² (£2.38 m²) – unbeatable! Oh, and did I forget the deal? Hyperion, £14.75 yd2 to order is just £7.99 yd² (£9.56 m²) and Centaurus, formerly £14.95 yd² to order, is now the same £7.99 yd² (£9.56 m²) while stocks last! Be sure to stake your claim!!

Stainguard carpet

Stainguard Saxony Supreme


Returning to perennially popular twist, a finish that is both sophisticated as well as being practical and very hard-wearing, we have oodles of ‘Stainaway Twist Supreme’ that, while having an easi-clean, naturally stain-resistant pile synthetic pile, has a semi-matt finish to give it a handsome wool-like appearance …. for a fraction of the cost. With a 10 Year Warranty for Heavy Domestic Wear that includes staircases and a complementary 10 Year ‘Stainaway’ warranty against everyday spills, ‘Stainaway Twist Supreme’ comes on a mildew and rot-proof Actionback and, with a Tog rating of just 1.00, gives a little more scope than usual when selecting the underlay of your preference (if to be laid with under-floor heating). 4m and 5 metre widths, some great beiges and greys, our special order price for this enduring Associated Weavers carpet was £7.99 yd² (£9.56 m²)  buy it now for £3.99 yd² (£4.77 m²)! Bargain!!



Stainaway Twist Supreme

Finally, we have about 1,500 sq yards of a firm AW favourite, their ‘Stainguard Harvest Heathers Supreme’. This is a ‘full fat’ 50 ozs 2 ply twist tufted in durable polypropylene fibre with a 10 Year Guarantee for both durability and resistance against normal household spills. Bleach cleanable and anti-static, our former stock price for this tough contender was £8.85 yd² (£10.58 m²) thus if you’re content with horizon-wide 5m, there’s a killing to be made while our limited stocks last @ just £5.75 yd² (£6.88 m²)!! Phoning before making a special trip will be sensible on this one, please: when it’s gone, it’s gone!

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