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1,000 rolls

Prices Down… on more fine quality broadloom carpet!

Right at the top of our best sellers sits ‘Noble Hills’, a truly affordable saxony that can be laid throughout the home with confidence, upstairs and down. It’s Tactelle synthetic pile combines an inviting soft touch with assured performance, winning it a 5 Year Guarantee for General Domestic Wear. Moreover, it is naturally stain-resistant, may be cleaned with diluted bleach should the worst happen (it does!) and it may be installed where under-floor heating is present.

With a built-in felt underlay, there’s precious few hidden costs for those who wish to lay the carpet themselves, maybe just a door bar and a roll of quality double sided tape… a trimming knife! Previously a remarkably affordable £5.99 yd², Noble Hills is now £4.99 yd² (£5.97 m²) for the remainder of the year!

We’re battering prices back down wherever possible on all our popular broadloom carpet, a penny won, a penny off what you pay! Whether driven by Covid, the Ukraine and energy costs or whatever, the unprecedented price hikes of the last couple of years are unsustainable and, indeed, are becoming increasingly harder to justify in a rapidly softening global economy where demand is slack at best.

Many manufacturers and Trago’s competitors alike would prefer them to remain high, but as ever, we continue to do our best to keep prices low, every day, not once in a while, and backed by our Price Match Guarantee – tell us where we’re wrong and we’ll give you 15% back for the service

Here’s a small selection of where we’ve successfully chipped prices down on some of our most popular carpets and underlays…

‘Harvest Heathers’. Ready to lay hard wearing twist with a 6 year Heavy Domestic Wear Guarantee. Down from £7.49 to £6.99 yd² (£8.36 m²)!

‘Tuftex Supreme’ Hard wearing twist on its own built-in underlay with a 5 Year Guarantee for Heavy Domestic Wear. Down from £7.49 to £6.99 yd² (£8.36 m²)!

‘Stainaway Tweed’. As the name suggests, a lovely tweedy-look carpet with a 6 Year Guarantee for Heavy Domestic Wear. Down from £8.49 yd² to £7.99 yd² (£9.56 m²)!

‘Sweet Dreams’. Affordable Saxony-style broadloom with a plush, sumptuous pile. 5 Year Guarantee for Heavy Domestic Wear. Down from £8.70 to £7.99 yd² (£9.56 m²)!

‘Montana Classic Saxony’ Desirable 60 ozs deep-pile saxony in plain and heathered colours with a 7 Year Guarantee for Heavy Domestic Wear. Down from £9.95 to £9.25 yd² (£11.06 m²)!

‘Ultimate Distinction’. A heavy but soft to the touch twist in beautiful plain colours with a 15 Year Guarantee for Heavy Domestic Wear. Down from £10.95 to £9.99 yd² (£11.95 m²)!

Balta carpets

‘Stainsafe Shepherd Twist’ Just that, one of the market’s most popular and enduring twist pile carpets, available from stock in plain and heathers in both 4m and seam-saving 5m (16’5”!!) widths. 6 Year Guarantee for Heavy Domestic Wear. Down from £7.90  to £7.49 yd² (£8.96 m²)!


‘Forest Harvest’ A better than entry level twist at entry level price! Semi-soft touch pile, 5 Year Guarantee for General Domestic Wear. Down from £4.45 to £3.99 yd² (£4.77 m²)!

‘Paramount Versatile Twist’. A chunky twist with a more generous top pile than many contemporary ‘engineered’ qualities that achieves a pleasing traditional finish. 6 Year Guarantee for Heavy Domestic Wear. Down from £7.99 to £7.49 yd² (£8.96 m²)!

Underlay has received our attention too…

Tredaire ‘Zest’ 10mm Polyurethane Down from £2.69 yd² to £2.39 yd²

   Dreamwalk’ 11mm PU Down from £3.49 to £3.30 yd²

    ‘Alpha 8 Felt Companion’ PU Down from £2.25 to £1.95 yd²

   ‘Colours Red’ luxury sponge rubber Down from £7.98 to £7.49 yd²


And over in the ‘Special Purchase’ corner is probably our best twist buy of the season! ‘Lancaster Twist Elite’ is a 50 oz, 2 ply twist tufted in immensely hard-wearing Duotron olefin fibre which rates a 10 year Guarantee for Heavy Domestic Wear, including on staircases, the test of any textile floor covering. Naturally stain-resistant, anti-static and bleach cleanable, this handsome, classic heavy-weight twist is available in a mid-grey and easy-living putty beige in both standard 4 metre (13’1”) and seam-saving 5 metre, a full 16’5” across the width! On a sturdy mildew and rot-proof Actonbac allowing your choice of underlay, firm or with a little more cushioning, our regular price for similar 50 oz qualities from Associated Weavers, Lano and Balta Carpets is just shy of £10 a square yard: this is a one-off, we have about 6,000 yards only and it won’t hang about for long @ £6.99 yd² (£8.36 m²)!

1,000 top grade ivory-white New Zealand sheepskins. All lovely long wool pelts, singles and doubles!

Price Roundels
And for our early bird shoppers, a few dozen Icelandic skins in assorted, undyed natural colours. Singles only @ £29.95!
IMG_5251 (1)

Final Stock Clearance!

10,000 sq metres of over-stocked rugs from High Street store and Catalogue retailers in this and last year’s top colours and designs! Low and high pile, plain and patterned in dozens of styles and colours in various modern synthetic yarns, some hard, some soft & slinky, others stain-resistant!

Already a great close-out deal, prices now start from just:-

  • 60/110 (2’ x 3’7”) £5.55
  • 80/150 (2’7” x 4’11”) £9.49
  • 120/170 (4’ x 5’7”) £14.95
  • 160/230 (5’3” x 7’6”) £28.90

Only a few thousand pieces left to clear – don’t delay!

Carpet offer


Tessera' Heavy-Duty Carpet Tiles

‘Stock lot – when it’s gone, it’s gone!

• Forbo ‘Tessera’ Heavy-Duty Carpet Tiles• 100% ‘Antron Lumena’ Polyamide Pile• Heavy Commercial Wear Rating• Lay-Flat Bitumen Backing• Just one Clay-Greige colour• Stylish and Tough as Old Boots!

Only while stocks last @ £8.48m² (£7.09 yd²)!!

Durable synthetic or natural wool – two end-of-range scoop buys cut deep!

For those seeking a high performance loop pile carpet, look no further than ‘Centennial’! Tufted with ‘Select’ easi-care polypropylene yarn, this no-nonsense corded broadloom has a 6 year Guarantee for Heavy Domestic Wear (it is also suitable for General Contract use too)and is available in a good selection of vogue greys and everyday light to medium shades of beige in standard 4 metre (13’1”) width. Anti-static, naturally stain-resistant and may be cleaned with diluted bleach, Centennial scores a 1.1 Tog rating thus may be installed where under-floor heating is present. Ideal for cost-conscious shoppers, it has its own built-in felt underlay which lends it to self-installation by keen DIYers but which does not preclude traditional fitting on a compact underlay with gripper. Tough, tidy and eminently practical, the price is a remarkably low £3.99 yd² (£4.77 m²) – that’s a 13’1” x 12’ room carpeted for just £58.41!!

Wool is commanding a hefty premium at present, so securing a 50 roll parcel of stylish naturals is a bit of a coup, not least as it comes from world -renowned Hugh Mackay, a bastion of British carpet manufacturing. If the clue is in the name, ‘Natural Weave’ is a very fair title for this beautiful carpet that is available while stocks last in a choice of structured, two-height styles, a classic hi-lo Panama ‘weave’ and a rather elegant linear hi-lo stripe. All colours are natural with the exception of grey, and while lightly heathered, the palest are all but plain, solid shades. The pile is 100% British wool, the warranty 6 Years Heavy Domestic Wear and, as loop piles are not the simplest to invisibly seam, it’s fortuitous that our entire stock is in horizon-wide 5 metre width – yes, that’s 16’5” across the width! With a Tog rating of exactly 1.00, Natural Weave is compatible with underfloor heating and we would strongly recommend it to be laid on Tredaire King, a supportive yet sumptuous sponge-rubber underlay that is produced specifically for the purpose with a Tog rating of just 0.80.

Previously available to order, Natural Weave was last priced @ £11.99 yd2: eagle-eyed Trago bargain hunters are in for a treat @ just £4.99 yd² £5.97 m²! Even a generous reception room of say, 16’5” x 22’ would be little more than £200 – well, £200.16!!

To clear, all stocks must go!

Pre-Season Splash!

20,000 End of Range assorted door and barrier mats in all shapes and sizes!!

Tough synthetic pile and water-absorbing, washable cottons, sizes range from a typical doormat 50/75 (c. 19” x 30”) to meaty 100/160s (3’3” x 5’3”), with a nice selection of small runners too, generally 50/150 (19” x 59”). All less than a tenner with prices starting from just £1.99!


Available in the following sizes:

50/75  – £2.48
60/90 – £3.49

Star HM 50x75 Group Image


Available in the following sizes:

50/75  – £1.99

Ocean Front 50x150


Available in the following sizes:

50/120 – £3.39
66/95 – £3.48
50/150 – £3.99

Semi-old Persian carpets!

With new stock ever harder to find and wool yarn at record-high prices, these lovely 12 m² (c. 13’ x 10’) carpets are incredibly good value. Fully serviced, washed, straightened and repaired where necessary, every piece is unique and with looks that have generally improved with age. Some are virtually as new, others displaying signs of wear that mellows and softens colour and texture, lending them a vintage or even antique appearance.

Our new stock in this size, limited that it is, now requires Trago to charge between £750 and £850, so be sure to have a look at these used examples which will save a packet – prices from £399 to £499!!

Coming soon! 9m², c. 250/350 (8’ x 11’) carpets

Semi Old Persian Rug 1_
Semi Old Persian Rug 2
Semi Old Persian Rug 3_

Just arrived – Yakash Kazak Rugs!!

Yakash Kazak Rugs
Yakash Kazak Rugs
Yakash Kazak Rugs

Possibly the best stock of Yakash Kazak in the country? We have some 200 rugs and carpets from which to select in sizes ranging from 4’ x 2’6” to much sought-after carpets circa 13’ x 10’, and runners too. These classic rugs are hand-woven in Northern Afghanistan where they have been produced since the 16th Century and are today washed in Lahore across the border in Pakistan. The tightly spun woollen yarn is woven in a low but dense pile giving a rich and stylish finish in both typical Caucasian designs plus a few rather more exotic Khorjins for those seeking something a little different. All individual thus priced by the piece, expect to pay between £85 and £110 per m². Example 120/80 (4’ x 2’6) c. £95 and a 360/270 (nominal 12’ x 9’) carpet for around £1,000 – that’s quite a deal!’

Limited Stock!

About 40 pieces in total of these gorgeous tribal-weave Afghan Morocco-style rugs. Principally 9′ x 6′ carpets, some a little larger, others a little smaller, all with easy living ‘free hand’ charm redolent of genuine Moroccan goods but at a fraction of the price. 100% indigenous wool pile, and with prices broadly between £500 & £600 dependent on exact dimensions.

Not something we have seen for a while and probably won’t again at this close-out price!!

Don’t miss these!

Trago Rugs

Hand-knotted rugs are increasingly rare, difficult to source and correspondingly expensive in a rapidly changing world. Trago and its customers alike are in the same boat, the mantra now being ‘see it, buy it’ as if we don’t the moment has passed and the goods gone! Fortunately, ready cash still secures ‘spot deals’ in the bazaars and markets, this time in Pakistan and we have fresh stocks coming in weekly, some eminently affordable, others rather more exotic and priced accordingly. Here’s just two of the latest, available in-store, truly delightful and available to see, handle and consider before parting with your money – and return in 24 hours for a full refund if not ultimately suitable in situ at home!

  • Gloriously toned, 35/40 quality tightly woven Sultani and Khurjeen in 3 m² to 6 m² pieces. Not cheap but still no more than the new making price today at source in Pakistan, so a bit of a bargain on the quiet. About £600 to £1,200 depending on exact size.
  • A few superior quality Gabbeh, always in strong demand and in a selection of either multi-colour stripes or bold motifs, both typical of and faithful to the genre. Again, c.
    3 m² – c. 6 m² rugs and carpets with prices broadly in the £250 – £600 range.
Trago Rugs

New and exclusive to Trago!

Stepfair ‘Inspire Supreme’ is a top quality stone polymer composite plank in 6 stunning wood effects, a full 7mm thick including sound-deadening underlay, 99.9% dimensionally stable (superior to common LVTs) and with a 15 Year Very Heavy Domestic Wear Warranty. Suitable for use with Under-Floor Heating and in wet rooms, micro-bevel 1220mm x 184mm plank – only from Trago @ £22.24 m² = £39.95 per 1.796m² pack!
VL88128L-018 (Pullman Grey Oak-018)

The Aegean Collection

Ankara carpet swatch


Dramatic designs are celebrated and enhanced by this tactile carpet’s structured pile of blended ‘soft-touch’ polyester and polypropylene yarns, giving an instant impression of depth and quality that belies our typically low Trago price.
Ankara Prices
Bedouin carpet swatch


Tribal influences abound in this simple, sumptuous quality that boasts a lovely blended synthetic ‘soft-touch’ pile. Easy underfoot, easy on the eye, Bedouin is available in semi-plain and gentle patterns for a natural look that will complement virtually any room.
Bedouin Prices
Enduring Classics carpet swatch


Not quite zero pile, but very much in vogue and of the ‘antique look’ genre, purposely manufactured to have a vintage appearance from the moment they hit the floor. Part classic, part contemporary, these affordable rugs can be used all year round or rolled compactly and put away until next time.
Enduring Classics Prices
Fresco carpet swatch


‘Old meets new’ in a stunning fusion of colour and Middle East design! Traditional patterns 100’s of years old are re-imagined with a twist of contemporary colour to combine in striking quasi-classical pieces that will make a bold but easy-living furnishing statement. Dense, hard wearing polypropylene pile and easy to maintain.
Fresco Prices
Istanbul carpet swatch


An eminently affordable rug with a semi-soft finish that is pleasing to the touch and woven with a durable frisé yarn to give a clear, crisp finish. From handy 60/120 (c. 4’ x 2’) mats to feature-size rugs 160/230 (c. 5’3” x 7’6”), all at Trago bargain prices!
Istanbul Prices
Marmara carpet swatch


An inexpensive, straightforward heat-set rug that deserves better than being described as ‘entry level’ – although that is how it is priced! Made in considerable volume exclusively for ourselves, it is far more than the sum of its parts, looks terrific and will provide many years of dependable care-free wear. All sizes, including room-size 240/330 (c. 7’10” x 10’10”).
Marmara Prices

The Colliford Collection

New and exclusive to Trago, this expansive collection draws inspiration from both centuries-old tribal classics while also offering up-to-the-moment colours and designs for more contemporary lifestyles. From cool, natural simplicity to vibrant rich colour, the Colliford Collection lends another dimension to our renowned Global Village of fine rugs. See them all in-store.
Berber Country 2


A shaggy rug with unmistakeable nomadic influence, Berber Country has no frills, no whistles or bells and is simplicity itself, reflecting the origins of carpets of Middle Eastern genre. Reproduced on modern looms in durable and naturally stain-resistant 2 ply polypropylene fibre, Berber Country is available in limited sizes only to keep costs low and Trago prices down.

Berber Prices
Finesse carpet swatch


These striking contemporary rugs are truly pieces of art for every home! Machine-woven in two-ply frieze yarn and accented with hints of shiny and high-low polyester, every design is stylish with subtle infusions of colour. Easi-care, anti-static and a good, solid rug. Top Trago Value!

Finesse Prices
Gaya carpet swatch


A technically sophisticated rug with rich textures redolent of the Subcontinent, Gaya is something rather different with its dramatic sculpturing that features a sumptuous polyester high pile with contrasting flat chenille to create each stunning 3D-effect design. Easy to clean and suitable for use throughout the home. Woven exclusively for Trago!

Gaya Prices
Kabul carpet swatch


Kabul, an exciting addition to our Colliford Collection for 2023! Traditional Afghan designs with rich red/black colours blended in a hard wearing, easy to clean synthetic fibre. Woven exclusively for ourselves in many popular sizes. Top Trago Value!

Kabul Prices
Luxury carpet swatch


Both by name and nature, Luxury is just that, a fabulous deep-pile rug in a selection of stalwart favourite and stunning fashion colours. 40 mm of toe-teasing polyester pile in thick and thin yarns lends texture and a lively appearance to this unashamedly indulgent rug. Less can be more?? Not here, that’s for sure! Very reasonably priced.

Luxury Prices
Makalu carpet swatch


Makalu is undoubtedly this years’ tribal favourite, taking its influence and style from Tibet. Typical of the region, high-low lateral stripes are overlaid with simple tribal designs that have a care-free elegance of their own. Woven with a 100% polyester pile on a cotton/jute backing, these beautiful rugs are remarkably affordable with prices starting @ £14.89 for a 80/150 (n. 2’7”/4’11”). Top Trago value!

Makalu Prices
Manhattan carpet swatch


A celebration of rich colour and drama in a superbly luxurious deep-pile rug, Manhattan is the perfect antidote to the beige-grey genre that has dominated the last few years! Featuring a heavily sculptured pile of thick and thin polyester yarns, it is anti-static, easy to maintain and best of all, a treat under-foot – suitable for use throughout the home.

Manhattan Prices
Moods carpet swatch


Another new quality in our 2023 Colliford Collection, Moods is woven with a 100% polyester pile where thick yarn is complemented with very fine denier shiny fibre that brings each element of the 5 individual designs to life. Deep 20mm pile, soft to the touch yet surprisingly inexpensive – and you will feel the quality with every step!

Moods Prices
Seasons carpet swatch


Simple elegance in eminently affordable form, Seasons combines recycled polyester velour pile with flat weaving to great effect. Under-stated colours lend warmth and depth to both contemporary and quasi-classical kelim designs, with no lack of choice in the sizes available in-store. Environment-friendly and refreshingly inexpensive. Woven exclusively for Trago.

Seasons Prices

The Breacourt Collection

Emporer carpet swatch


New and now in-store! Breacourt ‘Emperor’ is a full 1-million-point machine-woven classic that employs a super-fine synthetic yarn to deliver both a dense and pleasing tactile ‘hand’ that is soft to the touch and dependably durable. Available in a broad selection of traditional Persian designs that will grace both contemporary and more established furnishing schemes, prices start from just £36.99!

Emporer Prices
Kensington carpet swatch


‘Kensington Deluxe’. Dense, sumptuous, deep-pile luxury is not an idle boast, as this gorgeous rug requires no further superlatives. A superbly set, double-twist synthetic fibre guarantees softness without any compromise to durability, lends fine qualities to this heavily constructed carpet. Its understated, gentle shades are as easy on the eye as the rugs are on the pocket, a full sofa-size nominal 6’ x 4’ costing less than £50!

Kensington Prices
Brighton carpet swatch


Seaside studio, conservatory, reception or bedroom, ‘Brighton’ is a stylish, super-soft companion for them all! 2-ply frisé polypropylene pile, anti-static, naturally stain-resistant, hardwearing, and assured value at our everyday lowest Trago prices!

Brighton Prices
Braven Cove carpet swatch


Unashamedly strong on colour, ‘Braven Cove’ splashes a fusion of rich tones onto every design, irrespective of whether contemporary, quasi-classic or retro. Additional sculpturing adds yet further depth to this warm and welcoming collection. Stain-resistant, durable, and with even a full room-size carpet costing less than £100!

Braven Cove Prices
Kingsman carpet swatch


‘Kingsman Supreme’ is another fine classically influenced addition to our magnificent Breacourt Collection. Woven with a heavy-denier polypropylene yarn for outstanding wear in the home and also in commercial environments, this rugged carpet combines practicality, performance, natural stain resistance and style in a remarkably affordable package. And, better still, selected designs are available in a Trago exclusive, extra-large size, 400/550 at just under £500!

Kingsman Prices
Classic carpet swatch


Traditional elegance with a dash of Eastern spice! Breacourt’s ‘Classic Splendour’ offers time-honoured Eastern designs with the lift of a lustrous polyester yarn that makes every piece a statement of its own. Striking, yet gracious, with a lovely soft ‘hand’, plus the finishing touch of an authentic double-knotted fringe. Prices start from just £15.99!

Classic Prices


Beaumont carpet swatch


‘Beaumont’ offers the detail and intricacy formerly reserved for super-high stitch exclusive handwoven and machine-made qualities, both that, unsurprisingly, come at quite a price. Employing contemporary digital printing technology, our rugs from this handsome collection are available from just £14.99! Finished with blanket-stitched edges and a generously padded backing for assured underfoot comfort, Beaumont is for connoisseurs that prefer a bargain!

Beaumont Prices
Fang carpet swatch


Neither seagrass nor maize mats, but plush pile, soft-touch polyester rugs that look remarkably similar! Not just for the conservatory, but good for use throughout the home, upstairs or down. One size only, one metre diameter circles, just £16.99!

Fang Prices



‘Indoor-Outdoor’ Just as the name implies, this is a product for all seasons, rugs that may be used safely outdoors on the patio during the summer or as a tough, easi-clean ‘fatigue’ or feature rug anywhere indoors too. Many popular sizes from handy 60/110 (2’ x 3’7”) @ just £5.99, to medium size carpets 160/230 (5’3” x 7’6”) @ only £35.45!

Final Stock Clearance!

10,000 sq metres of over-stocked rugs from High Street store and Catalogue retailers in this and last year’s top colours and designs! Low and high pile, plain and patterned in dozens of styles and colours in various modern synthetic yarns, some hard, some soft & slinky, others stain-resistant!

Already a great close-out deal, prices now start from just:-

  • 60/110 (2’ x 3’7”) £5.55
  • 80/150 (2’7” x 4’11”) £9.49
  • 120/170 (4’ x 5’7”) £14.95
  • 160/230 (5’3” x 7’6”) £28.90

Only a few thousand pieces left to clear – don’t delay!

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