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Hand-knotted rugs are increasingly rare, difficult to source and correspondingly expensive in a rapidly changing world. Trago and its customers alike are in the same boat, the mantra now being ‘see it, buy it’ as if we don’t the moment has passed and the goods gone! Fortunately, ready cash still secures ‘spot deals’ in the bazaars and markets, this time in Pakistan and we have fresh stocks coming in weekly, some eminently affordable, others rather more exotic and priced accordingly. Here’s just two of the latest, available in-store, truly delightful and available to see, handle and consider before parting with your money – and return in 24 hours for a full refund if not ultimately suitable in situ at home!

  • Gloriously toned, 35/40 quality tightly woven Sultani and Khurjeen in 3 m² to 6 m² pieces. Not cheap but still no more than the new making price today at source in Pakistan, so a bit of a bargain on the quiet. About £600 to £1,200 depending on exact size.
  • A few superior quality Gabbeh, always in strong demand and in a selection of either multi-colour stripes or bold motifs, both typical of and faithful to the genre. Again, c.
    3 m² – c. 6 m² rugs and carpets with prices broadly in the £250 – £600 range.
Trago Rugs


Stop Press!!

Woven jute carpets from India

A one-off parcel of very inexpensive woven jute carpets from India in a selection of striking designs, colours and styles including Ikat, Azeri and other more contemporary themes. Hard wearing, eco-friendly and at a fraction of today’s weaving price, sizes range from c. 8’ x 5’ to large carpets c. 11’ x 8’ with, for example, a 9’6” x 7’9” (289/236) costing £102.30!! Just 60 pieces between the stores so don’t delay!

Stop Press Carpet

A soft and Slinky Faux-fur Rug

Shipping delays, shortages and higher prices have all become an unwelcome feature of the pandemic and will continue for some while after the virus itself has been defeated, well into 2022 and possibly beyond. Affordable fresh stock is not always readily available and when it is, think plus 10% – 50% as per the ‘horror stories’ featuring almost daily in the news. Trago is therefore restocking selectively and cautiously so as to offer our shoppers what we believe still constitutes value: there will be exceptions, but rest assured that if you don’t immediately spot your usual brand, an alternative will be available. A return to normality cannot come soon enough, but here’s one deal meanwhile that was just too good to miss!

‘Rabbit Fur’ is a soft and slinky faux-fur rug with a polyester pile on a well-cushioned backing that gives a sumptuous feel underfoot, whether with bare or in stockinged feet. There is a vast assortment of colours and styles, plain, self-patterned and even some with contrasting ‘highlights’ for that extra bit of rapazz! Sizes 40/60 (c. 16″ x 24″) scatter mats now ½ Price, slashed from £7.99 to £3.99 and 50/80 (c. 20” x 31”) from £4.49 to £2.24 . This is a frustrated export cancellation, so when it’s gone, it’s gone!’

fur rugs

Stock Clearance!

10,000 sq metres of over-stocked rugs from High Street store and Catalogue retailers in this and last year’s top colours and designs! Low and high pile, plain and patterned in dozens of styles and colours in various modern synthetic yarns, some hard, some soft & slinky, others stain-resistant! Two cracking casual sizes, 60/110 (2’ x 3’7”) and 80/150 (2’7” x 4’11”) starting from just £6.99 and none more than £19.95 – what’s not to like??!!

Need a 2 metre – that’s a nominal 6’ x 4’ sofa-size rug? Don’t miss our once-off selection of wilton-woven contemporary and classical deals that start at just £13.88 for a durable, stain-resisting quality, £19.96 for a long pile shaggy and an amazing £23.90 for a heavy heat-set! Only while stocks last …… and only at these prices at Trago!!

Carpet offer

Hard to beat – at any price!

There’s little that compares with a well-made, traditional, wool-rich hard twist and here’s a belter, just 6,000 yds in its entirety! ‘Nexus Twist’ fits that description perfectly, being a 50 oz, 2 ply quality that employs 80% wool with 20% mega-durable nylon that’s good for at least 8 Years Extra Heavy Domestic wear … and it may also be used with total confidence for Heavy Contract installations too! Lovely plain colours in principally 4 metre (13’1”) width and a smattering of ‘heathers’ in seam-saving 5 metre (16’5”). Trago regular price for the quality would be nearer £30 than £20 a yd² for equivalent 2 ply twist, so be sure to bags your room or houseful for just £9.95 yd² (£11.90m²) while stocks last!!

Nexus Twist


Tessera' Heavy-Duty Carpet Tiles

‘Stock lot – when it’s gone, it’s gone!

• Forbo ‘Tessera’ Heavy-Duty Carpet Tiles• 100% ‘Antron Lumena’ Polyamide Pile• Heavy Commercial Wear Rating• Lay-Flat Bitumen Backing• Just one Clay-Greige colour• Stylish and Tough as Old Boots!

Only while stocks last @ £8.48m² (£7.09 yd²)!!

To clear, all stocks must go!

Rug Doctor ‘2 in 1 Stain and Odour Remover’ 500ml       MRSP £4.99        Now £1.99!

Rug Doctor ‘2 in 1 Stain and Odour Remover’ 500ml

Now £1.99!

MRSP £4.99

‘Salaya’ Luxury Hand-Tufted Deep-Pile Rugs

‘Salaya’ Luxury Hand-Tufted Deep-Pile Rugs

• 100% Polyester Pile
• Lovely greys, navy blue, sea green & ochre gold
• Mid-size Carpets 230/160 (7’6” x 5’3”)

A steal @ £59.95!!


½ Price Forbo ‘Nova’!

• Luxury, hi-performance ‘project’ vinyl flooring
• Densely cushioned 3.2mm gauge c/w anti-slip surface
• 20 Year Heavy Domestic Wear guarantee
• Handy 2 Metre (6’6”) width

Was £7.99 yd² when last stocked ….. in 2018!
Two stylish planks, light and medium wood
2,500 m² only

Buy Now @ £3.99 yd² (£4.77 m²)!!

Nobody Beats Trago Carpet Prices!!

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