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Shipping delays, shortages and higher prices have all become an unwelcome feature of the pandemic and will continue for some while after the virus itself has been defeated, well into 2022 and possibly beyond. Affordable fresh stock is not always readily available and when it is, think plus 10% – 50% as per the ‘horror stories’ featuring almost daily in the news. Trago is therefore restocking selectively and cautiously so as to offer our shoppers what we believe still constitutes value: there will be exceptions, but rest assured that if you don’t immediately spot your usual brand, an alternative will be available. A return to normality cannot come soon enough, but here’s one deal meanwhile that was just too good to miss!

‘Rabbit Fur’ is a soft and slinky faux-fur rug with a polyester pile on a well-cushioned backing that gives a sumptuous feel underfoot, whether with bare or in stockinged feet. There is a vast assortment of colours and styles, plain, self-patterned and even some with contrasting ‘highlights’ for that extra bit of rapazz! Sizes start from 40/60 (c. 16″ x 24″) scatter mats @ £4.49 – buy a pair for £7.99, and edge up through 5 popular intermediate sizes to our largest sofa rug, 120/170 (4′ x 5’7″) @ £38.60. This is a frustrated export cancellation, so when it’s gone, it’s gone!’

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