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With new stock ever harder to find and wool yarn at record-high prices, these lovely 12 m² (c. 13’ x 10’) rugs are incredibly good value. Fully serviced, washed, straightened and repaired where necessary, every piece is unique and with looks that have generally improved with age. Some are virtually as new, others displaying signs of wear that mellows and softens colour and texture, lending them a vintage or even antique appearance.

Our new stock in this size, limited that it is, now requires Trago to charge between £750 and £850, so be sure to have a look at these used examples which will save a packet – prices from £399 to £499!!

Coming soon! 9m², c. 250/350 (8’ x 11’) rugs

Semi Old Persian Rug 1_
Semi Old Persian Rug 2
Semi Old Persian Rug 3_